What Causes Pimples And How to Minimise Them in a Few Short Weeks

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Here’s what causes inflammatory pimples on your face, cheeks, forehead and back – even in adults – and the newly updated Clarity products and Acnevelle that may improve 88% of pimples in just 8 weeks

What causes pimples, blackheads and spots on your face? Breakouts on your cheeks, forehead and body could indicate a chronic skin condition that affects up to 85% of people. Pimples and problematic skin is very common in your teenage years, during puberty. But it can continue well into adulthood or flare up again so you get pimples as an adult, again. Why? Because, while hormones play a role in how susceptible you are to pimples, the triggers that cause inflammatory pimples to form are still the same.  


The skin condition that causes pimples affects the skin cells that line the hair follicles in your skin. Often to such an extent that they don’t shed properly. To make matters worse, when your body produces too much of the natural oil, sebum, it collects and blocks the pores. And then, the follicles and surrounding skin can become infected by the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes). All of this leads to the painful and inflamed infections we call pimples. (See the “triggers of pimples” below.)  


Lamelle has led the charge in pimple solutions for years with Clarity range and Acnevelle. We’re constantly looking into new ways to counteract the causes of pimples by updating and introducing new products. You might remember that Lamelle recently launched the Clarity Active Body Spray for pimples of the back, shoulders and chest, and, for pimple emergencies, there’s the new Clarity Active Control spot treatment. And now, Lamelle has updated the two moisturisers in the Clarity range to specifically target all four of the triggers/causes of inflammatory pimples. Here’s what you need to know.  


We know broadly what’s causing the pimples on your face and body. But Lamelle took a more in-depth look and identified specific triggers that lead to pimples forming. There are four triggers you should know about:
  1. Cell turnover in hair follicles When the cells in the opening of hair follicles don’t differentiate (change into more specialised cell types) and shed the way they’re supposed to, the follicle can become blocked. Retinoid (vitamin A) therapies are excellent at helping normalise this cell differentiation and turnover, so we’ve included a very specialised patented retinoid treatment in the newly updated Clarity creams.
  2. Excessive sebum production (and the type of sebum) Sebum is a special mixture of lipids (natural oils) that your skin produces naturally. But, when it over-produces sebum (called seborrhoea), it can cause pimples to form. On top of this, one of the components of sebum, squalene, is very prone to oxidation when you expose your skin to sunlight, and this makes congestion more likely.This is something that Clarity never did before. So we are very proud to announce that now Clarity helps control sebum and prevent squalene oxidation.
  3. The bacteria P.acnes This type of bacteria is very common in human skin and researchers strongly associate it with pimples. Anti-infective solutions are great for keeping this bacteria at bay. Much like in the Active Control products, the updated Clarity moisturisers now inhibit P.acnes without contributing to bacterial resistance or with the downsides of using oxides.
  4. Inflammation It’s an inflammatory disease, and the inflammation can lead to scarring. Not to mention that managing the inflammation speeds up the healing process. So the first and most important is to focus on anti-inflammatory therapy, which the Clarity Range is now very good at.


The Niacinamide in Clarity already lowers the amount of P.acnes with no risk of bacterial resistance. And Lamelle’s trademark retinoic acid ester (vitamin A) in the PM Plus product helps normalise cell turnover and differentiation in the hair follicles. These two, combined with powerful anti-inflammatories already cover three out of the four triggers of problematic skin. So, Lamelle updated the Clarity moisturisers with more powerful anti-inflammatories. An all-new ingredient that specifically works on sebum production. This means the products now target all four triggers of pimples.  


Both moisturisers now feature an improved moisturising base that nourishes the skin without any oiliness or residue. There’s also a new version of salicylic acid that removes black- and whiteheads without drying the skin. But there’s a very big new advancement. Both products now contain an ingredient, which has the ability to better control sebum production. This means Clarity now addresses all four triggers of pimple development. It reduces inflammation, enhances follicle cell turnover, reduces bacteria P.acnes and now also keeps sebum levels under control.  


The night-time product is enhanced with new anti-inflammatory power of extracts of Rosemary and Witch Hazel. We’ve also included an all-new anti-infective ingredient harvested from red cedar trees. And it’s all aimed at getting real results. Through these updates, Clarity and Acnevelle is proven to reduce inflammatory pimples by 88% in just 8 weeks. You can ask your doctor or therapist today about the newly updated Clarity range. — You might also be interested in these ways to prevent acne and what to do in a pimple emergency. Alternatively, see how skin peels can help treat pimples, as well as a few other professional skin treatments for pimples.

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