This is the All-New Clarity Active Body Spray that Zaps 86% of Acne in A Few Weeks

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Finally, the skin-clearing power of Lamelle’s Clarity range comes in a convenient spray bottle to clear acne on your body too!


Clarity Active Body Spray is Lamelle’s latest innovation for effectively treating problematic skin. It packs the same skin-clearing and acne-preventing power you’ve come to know and trust from the Lamelle Clarity and Acnevelle ranges, plus a few exciting new innovations that enables it to clear acne on the body (back, chest and shoulders) by 86% in just 8–12 weeks.

Here’s how:

What is acne and why do we get it?

Pimples. Spots. Breakouts. By any name, they’re no joke. Acne vulgaris (a name that sounds as ugly as pimples look and feel) is recognised as a skin disorder, although it’s very common. Very. Up to 85% of people suffer from acne at some point in their lives. And, though we associate it mainly with the teen and adolescent years, many people continue to suffer from acne throughout various stages in life.

Though, of course, there can be a number of deeper underlying causes, like hormonal fluctuations and general skin health, pimples all form on the skin in roughly the same way. It’s a condition in the cells that line the inside of hair follicles. While the body produces too much of the natural oils called sebum, the cells in the follicles become susceptible to infection by the bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes for short). All these elements combine to create the painful and inflamed infections we call pimples.

What is interesting though is how the medical and skincare industry around the world has traditionally been treating the condition, and how it’s grown progressively less effective.


Why conventional treatments are becoming less and less effective

You might not know this, but the way in which we’ve been treating acne over the past decades has actually made matters worse. Most traditional treatments have followed the flawed logic of treating P.acnes with antibiotics – it’s in there, inside most acne treatments on the shelves today.

The problem with this is that the years and years of treatments have taught P.acnes how to adapt to antibiotics. That’s right, P.acnes is one of those drug-resistant strains of bacteria that you hear about in the news from time to time. It’s remarkable ability to adapt to new antibiotics and anti-inflammatories is slowly turning it into a super drug-resistant bacterium, which means that, unless we find a different way, we might not be able to treat it at all some time in the future.

We’ve already started looking at alternatives, such as products that oxidize. But there’s a problem there too.


Oxygen-based products are also just making things worse

Oxidation boosting products such as benzoyl peroxide is often misguidedly used in place of antibiotics because it appears to eliminate P.acnes without affecting drug-resistance. The problem with this is that these products work by creating Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the body. And, as we recently pointed out again in our post on skincare secrets for 20-somethings, ROS and free radicals are very bad for your skin – it causes cellular damage and degeneration in the long term.

The body automatically charge the lipids in the outer layer of skin of acne sufferers to help counteract oxidation (because oxidation is a big problem when you’re dealing with acne). And applying ROS to this is a recipe for disaster. When the lipids in acne-prone skin become prone to oxidation, they become more comedogenic (likely to get infected and cause breakouts), so it’s actually doing the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

What to do then? If antibiotics are ineffective and you can’t use oxygenators, what will work?


Introducing Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray

Having already built a solid reputation for creating safe and effective treatments for problematic skin through its Acnevelle and Clarity ranges, Lamelle Research Laboratories has launched   all-new Clarity Active Body Spray.

By employing all-new ingredients, Niacinamide and a specially modified version of ascorbic acid, Clarity Active Body Spray works as a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. It delivers the same effect as an antibiotic would have, but with zero risk of bacterial resistance.

It also fights oxidation, reducing ROS in lipids by up to 40%, while achieving better results than even oxygen-based benzoyl peroxide.

The best part? It’s specifically made for your body.

Clarity Active Body Spray comes in a handy spray to make spritzing it across affected areas if your neck, back, chest and shoulder super easy. Just spray and rub it in until the product’s all absorbed.

It’s been proven safe, even during pregnancy, and promises to reduce acne on the body up to 86% within 8–12 weeks.

Ask your skincare therapist or dermatologist about Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray.

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