This Is The 20-Something Skincare Secret That Will Boost Your Skin For Life

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Regret always comes too late. That’s the nature of this life game. Like when you’re in your twenties, fresh in the workforce and ready to take on the world. This. Is. It. Life is waiting for you to come and make your mark. It’s all late nights, overtime and far too little sleep, until you realise that (vinyl scratch) this is it for your skin, too. Every choice you make now will echo throughout your life, including your skincare. What you do (or don’t do) to your skin now can literally affect what you look like for the rest of your life.

No pressure. We get it. There’s a lot on your plate, a lot riding on the choices you make and the opportunities you need to seize while you’re still young. That’s why Lamelle Research Laboratories believes that you should get everything you need to have great skin (now and in the future) in a single streamlined, easy-to-use home skincare range.

You know, get science on your side, so that you can scratch that worry off your list, stop fussing over the condition of your skin and stay focussed on maximising every opportunity life throws your way.

That secret sauce, that ultimate skincare range for twenty-somethings is the Lamelle Nourish Range. And here’s why we’re totally confident that you’re going to thank us for this one later.


Actually, ageing doesn’t start in your twenties; it already began way before now. Almost from the moment you were born. You just don’t “feel” the effect of it in your skin as much yet because, at this age, most of your cells are still functioning normally. That’s right, the trigger that flips the switch of ageing “on” is when cells stop functioning the way they should.



It’s slow in your twenties. One cell suddenly stops talking to its neighbours. Another one stops secreting a certain compound. And another starts over-producing compounds. But, every two to three weeks, these misbehaving cells “reproduce” (the growth that enables life) by making copies of themselves. So, one cell that misbehaves now will pass all its bad habits onto a few new cells in your body.

You see where this is going, right? A few more years of “bad” cells passing their “damage” onto new cells and, before you know it, the bulk of cells in your body are now misbehaving.

So, ageing skin is basically the result of a slow degeneration of your skin cells. And it happens when something damages a small part of the DNA code inside the cell (each cell has its own copy of your DNA). It’s what we refer to as DNA damage.



So how does DNA damage happen? Well, one example is the photons in sunlight. They can actually directly “break” bits of DNA inside your skin cells. You know how you can feel sunlight on your skin? That’s billions of tiny little particles called photons that are literally smashing into your skin at over 300 000 kilometres per second, penetrating right into the hearts of your skin cells. They hit with such a force (on the subatomic level, of course) that they can fracture and break strands of DNA.

But there are other, much more devious forces that indirectly break down your DNA, silently, from the inside.

You’ve heard of free radicals, right? Well, they’re just one type of a whole host of highly charged compounds called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). These incredibly unstable oxygen compounds are ferocious little damagers that violently snatch electrons (tiny particles inside every atom in your body) out of your skin cells and tissue, destabilising your cells and leading to DNA damage.

The problem is that they’re everywhere. In the toxins, chemicals and impurities in the environment around you, every day. They’re also created inside your own body. Your natural cellular metabolism creates normal trace amounts of ROS. But when you stress or are exposed to environmental stressors and the sun, it goes through the roof.

Every day, just by walking outside and going to work, you’re exposed to countless damagers that try to “attack” your body. Normally, your skin is your first line of defence and it’s very good at its job. But there’s always the odd one in a million ROS that manages to sneak past your defences. It’s that small trace of DNA damage that, over years and years of your life, adds up and lead to ageing.


The good news is that your body is actually quite skilled at repairing DNA by itself. The bad news is that, with all the compound damage and stress you put your body through over the years, it gets a little overwhelmed.

One of the most devious effects of ageing is that your body’s natural DNA repair mechanism, Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER), becomes less effective over time. It’s a catch 22: NER repairs DNA damage, but the stuff that causes DNA damage (sunlight, stress hormones, toxins in the environment and your food, chemicals and impurities from the world around you, etc.) also trigger processes that stop NER from doing its job properly.

Our mission? Prevent DNA damage by blocking sunlight and stopping ROS from causing oxidative stress, and then supercharge your body’s natural NER systems to better repair DNA damage. If we can do this now in your twenties, your skin will have a remarkable boost for the rest of your life.

Fortunately, we came prepared.



If you’ve never heard of Lamelle Nourish before, the best way to think of it is as a range of early-start age-preventative products. You know, you’re not showing the signs of ageing yet, but you are taking steps early to try to avoid needing more serious therapy later in life.

Lamelle Nourish does two things very well: it prevents and repairs DNA damage.



Since DNA damage mainly happens directly from UV exposure and indirectly through ROS, Nourish contains two main strategies for damage prevention. Firstly, a very advanced SPF sunscreen blocks UV and prevents sunlight from directly damaging skin cell DNA.

Secondly, Nourish is chockfull of some of the most potent antioxidants available. Astaxanthin, alpha-tocopherol and Pycnogenol® (among others) are inside Nourish for one very important reason: they hunt for and neutralise ROS. These powerful antioxidants go around your skin carrying extra electrons with them. They “give” these electrons to the ROS, stabilising the oxygen molecules in your body, to help prevent the ROS from causing DNA damage.

But, Nourish does more than prevent, it also has the power to reverse DNA damage.



Select products in the Nourish range contain compounds that boost the P53 gene, a vital part of your body’s natural NER repair systems, to help your body naturally repair DNA damage better.

And, of course, Nourish goes a step further by introducing an entirely new enzyme called photolyase to your body. Photolyase is a newly discovered enzyme that’s present in the bodies of many animals and plants on Earth but is missing in us humans. It actively repairs types of DNA damage that your body can’t repair itself.

This full-circle approach of both preventing and repairing DNA damage makes Nourish one of the most advanced anti-ageing technologies available today. Imagine employing something powerful already in your twenties – you’ll be ahead of the ageing curve for the rest of your life.

And what’s more, Lamelle has made it super easy to phase Nourish into your skincare routine. Nourish is a complete range of products, simultaneously doing many of the tasks that your daily routine requires anyway.


  • Daily Cleanse is a soap-free foaming gel cleanser
  • Multi-Active Sun 30 is a non-whitening, non-glossy and non-stick sunscreen
  • Rescue Repair is a cooling and calming product that soothes the skin after sun exposure
  • Revitalise Cream is a powerful DNA repairing and protecting moisturiser for dry and combination skin
  • Revitalise Lite offers the same DNA repair and protect power, but in a lighter formula for oilier skin types
  • Revitalise Eye is an eye cream with collagen-boosting and skin-firming properties

And the entire range of products is designed to work together to give you the absolute best results in combating DNA damage and ageing – especially in your 20s and 30s.

Because it’s so specialised, Lamelle Nourish is not available to buy at regular grocery stores and pharmacies. You need the guidance of a trained skin expert to advise you on how best to use Nourish to get the absolute best results.

That’s why you should ask your skin therapist, dermatologist or doctor directly about Nourish today. For more information be sure to look at our Nourish range.

Nourish Range