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What Causes Pimples And How to Minimise Them in a Few Short Weeks

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Here’s what causes inflammatory pimples on your face, cheeks, forehead and back – even in adults – and the newly updated Clarity products and Acnevelle that may improve 88% of pimples in just 8 weeks What causes pimples, blackheads and spots on your face? Breakouts on your cheeks, forehead and body could indicate a chronic […]

These Next-Gen Acne Treatments Clear Pimples Fast Without The Downsides of Oxides and Antibiotics

Acne treatments of the past traditionally comprised either antibiotics or, later, oxides or oxygen-based products. But did you know that there’s scientific evidence to show that these treatments can actually make your breakouts worse? Numerous studies, from as early as 2003 all the way to today, have shown that the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes for […]

No More Pimple Emergencies: Active Clarity Control

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No more pimple emergencies: This is why you need to know about all-new Clarity Active Control In the age of bacterial resistance, spots are growing more common while treatments fail – but Lamelle knows why. Introducing Clarity Active Control: your ultimate pimple-emergency plan. There’s nothing funny about pimples. Ask anyone who’s had to deal with […]