Prevention and Treatment

Lamelle has solutions that address the full scope of severity – from a congested to problematic skin, as well as skin that’s professionally diagnosed as mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

If you have a severe condition like cystic acne – you must seek medical advice and treatment.


After cleansing, we use a conditioning solution to calm your skin. The conditioner contains Purslane, a powerful anti-inflammatory, and other ingredients that calm, soothe and hydrate the problematic skin. This is followed with a light exfoliation with our Smoothing Solution – a step that prepares the skin for product penetration.

When extractions are being performed, steam might also be used. Soothing Serum is applied next and calms and soothes. This is followed by a massage and the application of the Essentials Purity Mask. Rich in zinc – this ingredient further assists in calming, soothing and healing the problematic skin. It also contains talk that assists in binding and removing excess sebum (oils). This mask is cool on the skin and offers relief post extractions. After removing it your therapist will apply moisturiser and sunscreen to further soothe the problematic skin.

Your Experience:

After your treatment

  • Your skin might feel a little sensitive after the treatment – particularly if extractions were performed. It will feel very clean and well hydrated – without feeling oily.

What to expect in the week after your treatment

  • You may feel sensitive for a day or so but only in the areas where the extractions were performed. Generally though your skin will feel clean, healthy and any inflammation will have settled.

Special care post-treatment

  • No special care is required. Continue with you regular treatment routine. A word of caution though – do not pick your skin – allow it time to heal. Picking causes marks that become permanent.

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How it Works:

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that is derived from the bark of a willow tree. Salicylic acid is lipid soluble and in the Beta Plus formulation, it’s effective for the removal of comedones (black and whiteheads) and congestion. It’s also extremely anti-inflammatory and will calm aggressive inflammatory reactions in inflammatory acne. There are two concentrations of this treatment, Beta Plus 15% and 20% and both are applied in the same way.

The treatment begins by removing all impurities and oils – a cleansing process which is followed either by an exfoliation or degreasing step. Oils might prevent the penetration and action of the peel on your skin so this step is important to the success of the treatment. Our exfoliator contains Cathepsin D – an ingredient that mimics the exfoliating enzyme found in your skin. Cathepsin D only removes dry, denatured skin cells, which makes it particularly safe to use in all peel treatments.

This preparation phase is followed by the application of the Beta Plus Peel solution which is applied with a brush.

During and directly after application, you might experience a slight tingling sensation which will be more intense on pimples – especially if they are open. The same is true on dryer skin. The sensation will quickly dissipate and soon become more comfortable.

The peel will only be on your skin for a maximum of 10 minutes and as with any time dependent chemical peel, it must be neutralised to stop its action. By applying a neutralising agent all the active peel molecules are changed to salts. This chemical reaction produces heat so a quick tingle is very normal during this phase of the treatment. The neutralisation process is followed by a short massage at which point the skin is soothed and calmed and lost oils are replaced.

Depending on where you go, it’s not uncommon for a signature treatment to include: face, neck and shoulder massage, serum and mask, extractions and deep cleanse, eyebrow tint and plucking. Excessive extractions are not necessary and this peel does most of the work; it may be necessary to remove larger lesions. The application of moisturiser and sunscreen completes the treatment.

Your Experience:

After your treatment

  • You skin will feel hydrated, plump and glowing. A little redness is normal – especially if you have active papules and pustules (pimples). This will resolve within a few hours or the following day.

What to expect in the week after your treatment

  • The morning after the treatment your skin may feel sensitive in the areas where extractions were performed and even a little tight and dry. If this is the case, add more moisturiser to your skin. Typically though, you can continue with your daily routine. If however your skin feels very dry – immediately contact your skin care therapist. You may need to use one of the Serra products or Lamelle Barrier Repair cream for a few days.

Special care post-treatment

  • Protect your skin by avoiding sun exposure and apply your sunscreen every morning.
  • No treatments for 14 days on the treated area. This includes waxing, peels and laser or IPL treatments and micro needling.
  • Do not exfoliate for 10 days after the treatment. This includes toners and cleansers that contain alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Do not pick your skin. Allow extracted areas time to heal.
  • Only start using your retinoid (Vit. A) containing products on the evening of day six after the treatment.

Home Product Suggestions for Problematic Skin & Acne:

How it Works:

In micro needling refers to the minimally invasive treatments where and an instrument is used to create multiple micro injuries to the skin. This treatment is used in two ways. One to increase the amount of active ingredients that penetrate the skin and the second to create new healthy collagen and dermal structure to the skin while removing old damaged tissue.

Product penetration: This is a home care treatment.

Collagen induction therapy

Collagen induction therapy will entail and in office treatment with a Dermaroller that has a needle length of 1 mm and up. This treatment is used to create micro injuries that will allow the inflammatory process in the deeper, dermis, layer of the skin to be activated. This acute inflammatory process will activate the skin to remove old damaged collagen and elastin and also scar tissue. Your body will then also activate the fibroblasts to make more fibroblasts (proliferation) and make healthier collagen, elastin and everything that lies around these structures (extra cellular matrix). In this way the scarring (especially acne scaring), fine lines and texture are treated and deeper lines are softened.

The treatment explained

The skin will first be prepared for the treatment by cleansing to remove any impurities and make up. The therapist will then apply an anaesthetic cream to your skin and cover this with a plastic wrap. The wrap makes sure the anaesthetic penetrates well and does not dissipate into the atmosphere. This will stay on your face for around 20 to 40 minutes so you can read your favourite magazine or check up on your electronic messages.

After the allotted time the therapist will remove the plastic wrap and anaesthetic and will use the Dermaroller to create micro injuries all over the treatment area. She will also use this opportunity to add a serum to your skin that will give it all the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids it will need to feed and fix your skin.

After the rolling is complete she will apply a cooling mask to feed your skin a little more and to give your skin a chance to recover.

She will finish of the process with a moisturising product.

We do not suggest that you put sunscreen or make-up on your skin for 2 hours after the treatment. The reason being, your skin is much more permeable for this time and the ingredients might absorb to the lower layers of your skin where your skin will see it as foreign and might react to it.

Skin directly after the treatment

Directly after the treatment your skin will feel plum, hydrated and a little warm directly after the treatment. When the anaesthetic does wear off you might find the heat intensifying. A cool cloth will calm it down very quickly. Do not apply aloe, after sun or ice to your skin.

What you can expect in the week after your treatment

For the first 48 hours after your treatment your skin might look a little sunburnt. It will be plump and hydrated and most people love their skin for the first three to five days as all the lines and texture plumps out.

On day five to seven your skin will feel very dry and even course so it is critical that you add more moisturising ingredients on these days especially to help your skin to exfoliate the dry Corneum. Combining your Dermaroller treatment with peels in your course of treatment will make this phase less obvious.


Special care directly afer the treatment:

  • Apply more Corrective Hydrating HA Serum and Barrier as required for 5 to 7 days after the treatment
  • With a history of Acne your therapist might ask you to take Acnevelle during the treatment period to lower the risk of your acne flaring.
  • Protect your skin from the sun by avoiding sun and apply your sunscreen every morning.
  • No treatments for 14 days on the treated area, this includes waxing, peels and laser or IPL treatments and micro needling.
  • Do not exfoliate for 10 days after the treatment. These include toners and cleansers that contain alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Only start using your retinoid (Vit. A) containing products on the evening of day 6 after the treatment.

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