Prevention and Treatment

For the Essentials Hydration treatment we have combined non-irritating ingredients designed to add to the water binding ability of the skin, as well as replace lost lipids. The Essentials range of products incorporates ingredients chosen specifically for their ability to change the skin – but without the risk of reactions. Calming anti-inflammatory ingredients further enhance this treatment’s results.

Designed for the management of dry, sensitive and irritated skin, it’s an excellent maintenance product for in between peels. It can also be used to prepare skin for medical treatments.


How it Works:

The Essentials Hydration treatment calms, hydrates and moistures skin. It’s used in the same way as a facial.

After cleansing, we use a conditioning solution to calm your skin. The conditioner contains Purslane which is rich in Vit C and Omega-3, as well as other powerful anti-inflammatories. This is followed with a light exfoliation with our Smoothing Solution – a step that prepares the skin for product penetration. Soothing Serum is applied next and calms and soothes. It also adds water binding Hyaluronic acid to dry, irritated and sensitive skin. This is followed by a gentle massage and the application of our Hydration Mask. The Lamelle Hydration Mask contains the lipids that trap water, and water soluble ingredients, into the skin. It also contains an ingredient that permanently binds water to the cells in the Corneum, ensuring long-term hydration of your skin.

Your Experience:

After your treatment

  • Your skin will feel hydrated, plump, cool and clean.

What to expect in the week after your treatment

  • Your skin will remain glowing, hydrated and irritations should be calmed.

Special care post-treatment

  • No special care is required. Continue with you treatment routine

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