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Not many people know the truth about conventional sunscreen or sun protection: it’s only 53% effective.This fact was established in a study that measured sunscreen protection and found that even SPF 50 only stops about half of the potential sun damage that causes photo-ageing. After decades of being told to wear sunscreen every day, this new information is disconcerting at best. What’s more, even antioxidants aren’t quite as effective as once assumed; blocking only a percentage of the damage caused by the sun.

To understand why you are not adequately covered with ordinary sunscreen, it’s important to appreciate the onslaughts your skin contends with every day. Even though UV radiation causes most of the damage to skin with sun exposure, research has shown that the full spectrum of sunlight, all its light frequencies, causes damage to the skin. It is essential that in our very sun exposed lifestyle, we all consider photo protection products that are able to protect us from the damage caused by not only, UVA and UVB frequencies, but also UVC, Visible light and the Infrared spectrum that reaches when we are exposed to the sun. (This includes time spent in the office with a window and in your car on the way to the office and to drop your children, not only sun tanning sun exposure)

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