The Lamelle Dermaheal anti-ageing product range is the most powerful, comprehensive solution for preventing and managing the chronic processes of ageing – especially the type of ageing that is caused and aggravated by sun exposure (photo-ageing).

Dermaheal anti-ageing product features a combination of cutting-edge ingredients that reinvigorates ageing skin cells, lowers the number of enzymes that progressively break down the structure of the skin, and disables the chronic inflammation that is associated with ageing tissue. The ingredients are suspended in a creamy base that is itself designed to nourish the skin and repair those dry-skin conditions that we normally associate with ageing.

Dermaheal Anti-ageing Product Range is designed to address three focus areas of ageing skin.

  1. Dermaheal activates cells that have become dormant/stagnant with age and sun damage. At Lamelle, we use recombinant human growth factors (five skin-specific types) to accelerate skin cell activity.

What are growth factors? Growth factors are molecules that occur naturally in your body. They are comprised of specialised amino acids that combine to form peptides, and every cell in your body has the ability to produce/manufacture them, because growth factors are what cells use to communicate with each other.

Growth factors are messages.

Through bio-engineering, we are able to manufacture exact copies of the growth factors we will need to activate your skin cells. This is done in a natural and non-harmful way that doesn’t cause any irritation. At Lamelle, we carefully select those growth factors that are best for stimulating your skin cells and, importantly, we chose only those that do not cause any inflammation. In fact, one of the most prominent growth factors we use is a super collagen stimulation growth factor that actively turns off inflammation in your skin.

Introduced to your skin, growth factors will stimulate your skin cells to produce more healthy cells. They also encourage specific types of skin cells to manufacture more of the unique “skin structures” that each cell needs to maintain healthy skin function. So, the keratinocytes in the top layer of your skin will start making more hyaluronic acid and better lipids to strengthen the lipid bilayer, as well as more skin-immunity-building ingredients. Fibroblasts, in the bottom layer of your skin, are stimulated to produce more collagen, healthy elastin, nerve systems, vascular systems and all the other elements that make up the structure of a good, healthy, plump and strong dermis.

  1. Secondly, we need to deactivate chronic inflammation in ageing skin. In the course of studying ageing in the human body, we’ve discovered that all tissues can become chronically inflamed. It is thought that this chronic inflammation might be the cause of ageing in humans because it results in damage to the tissue and surrounding structures. While inflammation can be a good thing, when it is acute and needed to advance wound healing over a short period, the chronic, ongoing type of inflammation that’s associated with ageing is devastating to your overall skin health.

If for instance, you fall off your bicycle and hurt your knee, the redness and inflammation (acute) is the first step in the skin’s natural healing process. Your body is built to control this type of inflammation, able to turn it off once all the debris has been cleared from the site of the injury and the body is ready to begin healing the wound. But, when the body doesn’t turn off the inflammation and it’s allowed to persist (chronic), it has the opposite effect – it causes, in some cases, more damage to the body than the initial injury ever would have.

The same is true at the molecular level in your skin. That’s why deactivating chronic inflammation processes – without impacting the normal function of vital wound-healing acute inflammation – has become a core focus for us. In the Dermaheal range of products, we employ specialised “messages” (cytokines, also bio-mimicking) that will turn off chronic inflammation. These cytokines are also combined with an ingredient that regulates the expression of genes that stimulate chronic inflammation – without any potential for harm to the skin – for a holistic approach to treating ageing.

  1. Lowering the levels of ageing enzymes in the skin is the third core focus of the Dermaheal anti-ageing range of products.

Our skins produce enzymes that are designed to remove damaged tissue so that it can be replaced with healthy new cells and tissue. Unfortunately, though, when we expose our skins to the sun, the concentration of these enzymes drastically increases. And it’s generally very hard to get them down to normal levels again. This dramatic increase in enzymes fuels the continuous breakdown of collagen to such as extent that the skin will then become thin and fragile while losing its elasticity. To stop this process, we have developed two very potent antioxidants that directly inhibit these damaging enzymes, lowering their levels and returning the skin to normal function again.

In the Dermaheal anti-ageing product range, these three focused groups of ingredients combine in delightfully potent creams that are at once luxurious yet able to penetrate deep into the skin to rapidly soothe and restore, while leaving your skin with a soft, dewy consistency. These products will significantly improve the symptoms of ageing in skin, softening lines and wrinkles while enhancing texture and moisture content. Your skin will be more resilient – watch as redness and the effects of environmental irritation improve – and your skin will look brighter and healthier.

This cutting-edge blend of ingredients that’s masterfully formulated to activate ageing skin cells, subdue damaging enzymes and disable ageing chronic inflammation, all suspended in a luxurious skin-nourishing base, is exclusively available in the Lamelle Dermaheal anti-ageing product range.

Main Ingredients

  • Recombinant Human Growth Factors
  • Pycnogenol(R)
  • Astaxanthin
  • Nobiletin
  • Ceramide-P
  • NMF
  • Hydrating carb-lock formula

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Dermaheal Range

Anti Ageing product

Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream:

Dermaheal’s anti-ageing product, Ultra Renewal Cream is the platinum product in the Dermaheal anti-ageing product range. It is a combination of the finest Lamelle proprietary ingredients and has been designed to effect change in ageing skin.

This is the ultimate in evidence-based innovation.

In Ultra Renewal Cream, Lamelle has combined a lipid-recovery base that includes Ceramide-P, natural moisturising factors and a 24-hour moisture-lock system to replenish dry skin. To this base, we have added HAFi fragments to bind water and stimulate the production of more hyaluronic acid in the skin, while also healing damaged and injured skin. To this, we’ve added a retinoic acid ester that stimulates cell turnover in the epidermis and removes elastosis (damaged elastin), as well as the highest concentration of our recombinant human growth factor and cytokine complex. Ultra Renewal Cream is designed to be the best home-care product you can possibly use to revitalise and heal ageing skin.

Phasing Ultra Renewal Cream into your routine

Dermaheal’s anti-ageing product range is very powerful. So we do suggest that you introduce your skin to one of the other products for a month before starting with the Ultra Renewal Cream. When introducing Ultra Renewal Cream, the product should be phased in. During the first week, we suggest that you use it every third night only. If your skin is happy with this, you can go on to use it every second evening in week two. If your skin responds well to this routine, you can begin using it every night. If your skin feels at all sensitive, you might have to go back to using it only every second night for a while. Sudden sensitivity to this product can occur when you are stressed, when you have overexposed your skin to the sun or if the environment you are in becomes dryer.

Main ingredients

Ceremide-P, HAFi fragments of hyaluronic acid, a retinoic acid ester, the highest concentration of growth factor and cytokine complex, purslane extract and patented moisture technology

Instructions for use

After cleansing, apply one pump of the product to the face, neck and décolleté.

For night-time use ONLY.

Correctives serums may be added later in the treatment process.

Specials Precautions with Ultra Renewal Cream

Do NOT use during pregnancy


STOP the product 3 night before and 5 nights after in office peels or invasive treatments

Might cause the skin to become dry initially, this will resolve

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Dermaheal Anti Ageing

Dermaheal Renewal Cream (50ml Airless Pump Jar, richer cream):

Renewal Cream is much richer (in consistency and feel) than Cellular Repair Cream, and is designed for slightly more mature skin. Generally, the client that uses Renewal Cream will have been challenged with dry skin at some stage and her skin will need more moisture and hydration. This is also an excellent product to “upgrade” to during winter in geographic locations where the winters are dryer.

Dermaheal’s anti-ageing product, Renewal Cream can be used twice a day.

It can be used as a night-time product when using Cellular Repair Cream during the day.

In more mature skin, it can be used during the day when using Ultra Renewal Cream as a night-time product.

The anti-ageing product contains a high concentration of all five of the Lamelle skin-specific human recombinant growth factors. This is enhanced with the use of two anti-inflammatory “messages”, as well as the ingredients that will stem continuous chronic inflammation. The antioxidant used in the product (Astaxanthin) is a powerful quencher of free radicals that will also lower the levels of damaging enzymes that damage the structures within the skin. Renewal Cream also contains Ceramide-P, a critical ingredient in rebuilding the lipid bilayer and preventing dry and irritated skin. Added to this are essential fatty acids and an ingredient that locks water into the skin. These ingredients add to the hydrating properties and rich consistency of the product, for optimum dry-skin relief.

Main ingredients:

Proprietary growth factor and cytokine complex, Astaxanthin, Nobiletin, Ceramide-P, panthenol, purslane extract and essential fatty acids.

Instructions for use

After cleansing and application of the relevant Correctives serum, apply one pump of the product to the face, neck and décolleté.

Apply selected sunscreen after the product has penetrated completely, if using it during the day

Can be used twice daily

Can be combined with other products in the evening

Anti-Ageing cream

Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream (50ml Airless Pump Jar, lighter cream):

Cellular Repair Cream is the lightest (in consistency and feel) cream in the Dermaheal anti-ageing range and is designed for a younger, healthier skin where moisture levels are still naturally controlled. The product would be used in treating combination skin or skin that had been oilier at a younger age.

Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream can be used twice a day or can be combined with another product at night.

The product contains a high concentration of all five of the skin-specific human recombinant growth factors. This is enhanced with the use of two anti-inflammatory “messages”, as well as the ingredient that will stem continuous chronic inflammation. The antioxidant used in this product (Pycnogenol) is a powerful quencher of free radicals and will also lower the levels of damaging enzymes that damage the structures of the skin. A little bit of vitamin C will assist in boosting collagen production while also protecting from free radical damage.

Main ingredients:

Proprietary growth factor and cytokine complex, Pycnogenol, Nobiletin and beta-glucan

Instructions for use

After cleansing and application of the relevant Correctives serum, apply one pump of the product to the face, neck and décolleté.

Apply selected sunscreen after the product has penetrated completely, if using it during the day

Can be used twice daily

Can be combined with another product in the evening.

Foaming Cleanser

Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser (125ml Tube, Foaming gel cleanser) :

This luxurious, soap-free foaming cleanser is pH-balanced and mild enough to use twice a day – cleansing and toning the skin with each use. The cleanser has been formulated using a moisturising complex that is designed to hydrate the skin as you cleanse.

Main ingredients

Panthenol, purslane and a 24-hour moisture complex.

Instructions for use

Wet face with warm water and lather a small amount of the gel into moistened hands.

Massage gently in circular motions into the entire face, neck area and décolleté

Rinse thoroughly and pat the skin dry

Use morning and evening.

Dermaheal anti aging product

Dermaheal Ageing Neck Serum:

Opaque serum that is focussed on assisting with the crepe like skin seen in ageing necks.

Eye Cream for ageing

Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus Cream:

Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus Cream has been engineered to powerfully remodel and aggressively prevent further damage in the delicate eye area. This product is focussed on softening lines and wrinkles around the eye and is an excellent support product when combined with in-office treatments that are focussed on this area as it enhances the results of such treatments.

Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus Cream softens fine lines and wrinkles, decreasing puffiness and inflammation while rebuilding the skin’s lipid bilayer of the skin around the eye and on the lid of the eye.

Main ingredients

Proprietary Growth Factor and Cytokine complex, Bisabolol, Panthenol, Lipid Soluble VIt C, Apricot oil.

Instructions for use

After cleansing and patting the skin dry, use only a small pump applied in a tapping motion with your ring fingers around the eye.

The product can be applied within the ocular ridge, but do not let  the product get into the eyes

Use twice daily

Special precautions with Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus

A small pea-sized drop is enough for both eyes. Using too much product might make the eyes feel slightly puffy as the area of skin is over stimulated.

If your eyes feel puffy initially, use it only once daily for the first few days.

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