Products in the Correctives range contain higher concentrations of very well researched, cutting edge ingredients that are designed to treat specific skin concerns.

The Lamelle Correctives range is and extremely popular range contains serums and creams and can be added to any of the ranges within Lamelle. They can also be added when you are using another range of products and are looking to boost your results or are in the process of converting to the Lamelle range of products. The Lamelle Correctives range is designed to contain high concentrations of active ingredients that are designed to treat specific skin concerns so they deliver on the promise of innovation and change that Lamelle products are known for. Because of their specific results they are used as targeted treatments but also to maintain results that have been achieved in the long term.

What is the difference between a moisturiser and a Corrective?
While a moisturiser contains a whole host of ingredients to fulfil various functions in skin, a Corrective contains only that specific active ingredient to produce only the particular results effectively. Thus, when it comes to addressing specific conditions, a moisturiser can never
give you the dramatic results a Corrective can.

Where do Correctives fit into my regular skincare regimen?
A Corrective can be seen as a boosting agent – used for a period of time when your skin needs some extra help, for example, after a holiday in the sun, when you might have some hyper-pigmentation and dryness. It should also be added to your daily routine to get quicker results and maintain those results.

How do I incorporate Correctives into my daily skincare programme?
A Corrective is a serum with a high concentration active ingredient that is usually applied before moisturiser to a clean skin to allow for maximum penetration.

What makes one serum better than another?
Of course, the active ingredients in different Correctives will make them function differently, but it is the base (the compound that carries the active ingredient) that has a dramatic effect on how well the active ingredient is absorbed. If the base is not formulated correctly, the
active ingredient will just sit on the surface of the skin, will not penetrate the skin, and will not be effective at all. Highly technologically advanced bases are key when it comes to the effectiveness of Correctives.

Correctives Range

brighter concerntrate
Correctives Brighter Concentrate (30ml Airless pump –Clear, Quick Absorbing Serum)

Correctives Brighter Concentrate is the safest and most effective serum for the treatment of hyper pigmented skin.

Correctives Brighter Concentrate contains four pigment inhibiting peptides with a highly advanced unique form of arbutin called Deca-butin. All these ingredients have been tested for their effect on skin cells and have been found to inhibit (calm) the production of melanin in over active cells without injuring or damaging the cells. This product does not de-pigment or bleach pigmentation.

*Deca-butin was found to be more effective than Arbuten, Kojic acid and even medical pigment inhibiting ingredients without any concerns for the safety of skin. Even when these skins are regularly exposed to the sun. (maybe we could add the study?)

Because of how our bodies make melanin (pigment) it is exceptionally important that you use the product twice a day. With other ingredients it might be a challenge as your skin will not be happy when you are in the sun. Brighter Concentrate has none of these dangerous side effects. You can, with confidence, use it even when you know you might be exposed to some sun during the day and still know it will be effective.

It is very important to apply sunscreen during the day, not only when using Correctives Brighter Concentrate, but especially when you are being treated for hyper pigmentation

Main Ingredients

Four pigment inhibiting peptides, Deca-butin in a clear gel like serum

Instructions for use

After cleansing apply a small drop of the product to the pigmented area

Then apply your moisturiser

Apply a Lamelle broad spectrum sunscreen every day

Note: In some cases the product might be used as a preparation treatment for more aggressive in office treatments. This will be to lower the potential for inflammation and also the skins response in making pigmentation. Your skin care therapist will give you specific instructions. Generally you will use Brighter Concentrate on your full face for 14 days prior to the treatment date, you will have the treatment and then use it as part of your after care routine for 10 to 14 days.

Special Precautions

  • There are no skin irritating ingredients in the Correctives Brighter Concentrate, so the product does not need to be stopped prior to treatments and can be used directly after treatments even in the healing phase
  • Do not expose the product to extremes of heat or light
Hydrating Product
Corrective Hydrating HA Plus (30ml pump – Quick Absorbing Serum)

Corrective Hydrating HA Plus is a fast absorbing gel like serum that plumps and hydrates your skin.

Your skins water levels and its ability to trap water are essential for it to have normal desquamation (exfoliation and new cell production) and cell metabolism, a healthy skin barrier and for it to feel plump hydrated and healthy. An essential factor that is produced by your skin is hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a large molecule that traps water to make it available for the structures of your skin to work better. Research has shown that when HA is broken down (metabolised) in your skin it creates particles that actually stimulate the production of more HA and also activates skin cells to be more active and make more cells. The specific particles that cause this are called HAfi fragments. In Corrective HA Plus we have used both HA and HAfi fragments to not only hydrate and plump but to stimulate the skins own ability to do this.

On top of the water binding and plumping that is improves this products is also used to boost the healing activities in the skin as the HAfi fragments stimulate the production of more skin cells. This also means that fragile skins can be strengthened with this product.

Main Ingredients

HAfi Fragments, Hyaluronic acid, NMF boosters, Essential Fatty Acids and soothing Aloe Vera Extract

Instructions for use

Correctives Hydrating HA plus is applied over the whole face, neck and décolleté after cleansing and before applying your moisturiser

Morning and evening in extreme dryness

Or only when necessary

Note: the product may also be used on dry or injured skin areas only

Special Precautions

  • One pump is enough for face neck and décolleté, if you use more your skin might feel sticky
  • Can be used to plump area around the eye and mouth, use a full pump (short term effect though)
  • As the product stimulates the production of HA by the cells it might take a few days to feel and see the full effect.
Recharge CE
Correctives Recharge CE complex (30ml Airless Pump, “Creamy” White Quick Absorbing Serum)

Correctives Recharge CE contains a high concentration of stabilised Ascorbic acid (active Vitamin C) and Vitamin E,  and  is a serum that is essential in the treatment of lines, wrinkles and firmness and also brightening of the skin.

Vitamin C has many forms or esters. The skin needs the active form, L-ascorbic acid (Ascorbic Acid or AA) to activate fibroblasts, these active firbroblasts are the cells that make healthy collagen and healthy elastin, they make more fibroblasts and also to lower the levels of injuring enzymes in the dermis (lower layer of the skin)that cause thinning and sagging. This forms of Vitamin C is also the most prolifically found in the epidermis (the top 4 layers of the skin) and is the skins most important anti oxidant. The effects of Vitamin C can be seen on all skins regardless of their age or the amount of sun damage.

Recharge CE Complex contains a high concentration of active Ascorbic acid (20%) with Alpha Tocopherol (3%) in a unique, non-irritating, stabilised serum that contains no water. The serum absorbs very quickly and has a mat effect that is primer like – great under make up.

Main Ingredients

20% Proprietary Stabilised L-ascorbic acid , 3% alpha tocopherol

Instructions for use

Cleanse and dry the skin

Apply the skin and then apply moisturiser

Mostly used in the morning, we need more anti oxidant during the day when we are more sun exposed

Can be used twice daily

What you need to know:

  • It might tingle for a short time, this is the water soluble ascorbic acid being release into the skin
Cathepzyme 1&2
Correctives Cathepzyme 1 and 2 (30 ml Airless Pump, Serum Like Enzymatic Exfoliator)

Correctives Cathepzyme is an enzymatic exfoliation system that contains an enzyme that is very safe yet very effective in stimulating the skins normal shedding rate.

Throughout our life our skin follows a normal process of shedding and restoring skin cells on a daily basis. In our younger years this process is highly effective and results in our skin looking and feeling smooth, moist and youthful.However as we age this process tends to slow down by 30 – 40% due to the reduction in an essential skin enzyme called Cathepsin D. This directly results in dull, dry skin that has fine lines and a rough texture.

Traditional exfoliation might not be the answer as many of the exfoliation ingredients might injure skin or exfoliate the skin unevenly without stimulating the skin to make new skin cells. In many cases they affect the barrier function of the skin and will allow increased water loss (Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL)) and sun sensitivity. In the case of these products it becomes essential to immediately apply hydrating serums and masks after exfoliating to balance the damage done by the exfoliator.

In Correctives Cathepzyme 1 and 2 the active ingredient is an enzyme that works the same way that the natural enzyme in the top layer of your skin works. This enzyme, Cathepsin D, will only exfoliate the top, dry layer of your skin. It gives a smooth even exfoliation, activates the lower layers of the skin and does not cause increased water loss (TEWL). In a trail the products was used two to three time per week for 3 months the people using it reported 50% improvement in wrinkles. 39% improvement in moisture levels of the skin and 35% increase in firmness of the skin.

Cathepzyme 2 can also be used for the treatment of Keratosis Pilaris on the body. Keratosis Pilaris is a condition where there is over production of keratin by the skinand this results in a fine, rough and very dry rash on the tops of arms and sometimes thighs and buttocks. In this case the Cathepzyme 2 is used.

Main Ingredients

Cathepsin D analogue, soothing Camomile, Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Phytic acid for moisture and to stop irritation

Cathepzyme 2 has a higher concentration of the active enzyme then Cathepzyme 1 this makes is the stronger alternative (even though both are very safe on all skins)

Cathepzyme 1 is designed for sensitive skin and skin that has not been exposed to exfoliation before

Cathepzyme 2 is for skin that is not sensitive or has been exposed to another exfoliation routine or to peels.

If you are uncertain your therapist will suggest using one bottle of Cathepzyme 1 before starting on Cathepzyme 2 just to make sure your skin can manage exfoliation routines.

Instructions for use

Face, neck and décolleté

Cleanse and dry skin

Apply 3 pumps to the area with finger tips in a circular movement

Leave on skin for 3 minutes

Rinse of with warm water or wipe of with wet cloth or sponges

Apply serums and moisturisers as prescribed

Apply two to three times per week

Body – for the treatment of Keritosis Polaris (KP) (Ask your skin care therapist J)

Cleanse and dry the area, could be tops of arms or back of thigh

Apply one to two pumps to the area

Allow to penetrate

Apply body moisturising lotion, Serra Body Lotion is a great option

Apply twice a day

Special Precautions

  • Cathepzyme 2 is stronger than Cathepzyme1 so if you have not used exfoliation products before it is better to start with Cathepzyme 1
  • Only Cathepzyme 2 is effective in the treatment of Keritosis Polaris
Correctives RA Cream
Correctives RA Cream (50ml tube Retinoic Acid Analogue (Active Vit A) Containing Night Cream)

Correctives RA Cream is a night cream that contains a retinoic acid ester, this is an active form of retinoid or vitamin A. The form of Vitamin A chosen has no skin irritating side effects.It is essential in the treatment aged skin and skin with signs of photo ageing (sun damaged).

As skin ages and is damaged by sun exposure, two very important changes take place. Skin in the epidermis (top layers of the skin) no longer turns over as quickly. Turnover, or desquamation, refers to the combined action where old, dry and dead skin cells exfoliate off the skin and are replaced from the bottom layer with new healthy skin cells. When this process slows down the dead skin cell layer becomes thicker and the healthy viable (alive) layers decrease. What we see on our skin is dull, dry and coarse skin with many fine lines.

The second change, is that the cells in the dermis start producing high levels of poor quality elastin, this is known as elastosis. To add insult to injury, your body will protect this tissue from being removed. This elastosis slows down cell activity even more. We see skin that seems lifeless, thin, not as elastic and in some cases the skin looks scarred with ridges and acne scar like structures.

Retinoic acid will reverse both these changes. In the epidermis it stimulates the basal layer to make more cells that will turn over normally and will shed easily. It also assist in the removal of the elastotic tissue, this allows the activity of the fibroblast to increase with the use of Vitamin C and Growth Factors.

The usual challenge with using products from the Retinoid family (Vitamin A family) is that they can be quite irritating and cause what is called a retinoid reaction. This is classically red, dry, itchy and flaking skin with a typical fine red rash. At Lamelle we will always attempt to find ingredients that do not create irritation. We have once again been successful with the Retinoic acid ester that we have sourced for this product. The Retinoic acid ester will give the same results as products that have prescription strength ingredients but without the associated side effects. So no dry skin, fine flaking rash or irritation with this product.

Epidermis and dermis is restructured with very little to no discomfort.

Main Ingredients

Patented Retinoic acid ester, amino acids, sage leaf extract, Hyaluronic acid

Instructions for use

Cleanse the skin

Apply suggested serums

Then apply your RA Cream all over the skin

Night time only use

Essential to wash skin in the morning and use as broad spectrum sunscreen

Special Precautions:

  • Do NOT use during pregnancy, no safety data in pregnancy for the Retinoic Acid Ester
  • STOP the product 2 night before and 5 nights after in office peels or invasive treatments
  • Tight feeling after the first few nights of application is a normal result and will resolve spontaneously

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