Revolutionary new tech first to cure sun DNA damage

Helase sunscreen
For the first time ever, we can now both prevent and cure photo-ageing and sun-induced DNA damage.

If you’re new to the discussion, we’ve devoted the last few months to considering one of the first truly revolutionary photo-repair products to hit South Africa since the invention of sunscreen, Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Helase.

Those who’ve been part of the discussion know that, far from merely labelling the products as “the best”, Lamelle has taken great care to help us explain exactly how and why it works. We started by considering one of the cruellest realities of being human: oxygen and the sun create free radicals in your body, which is what indirectly causes horrible DNA damage.

This DNA damage is what progressively contributes to the ageing process, as well as causing illness and even dreaded cancers.

But, there’s also direct DNA damage

It turns out that the sun also damages your DNA directly, because UV light is incredibly powerful. And, despite the fact that we were born on this planet, the life-giving sun also takes life away: the sun actually slowly makes us older with time. And here’s the real shocker: Sunscreen (SPF 50) only works about 53% of the time!

Naturally, our bodies have built-in defence mechanisms; you can read about how your body protects you against some types of DNA damage in this article on how the body keeps you looking young. But, we’ve also learnt that there is an unfortunate downside to our mammalian intelligence: all mammals (including us humans) had to trade in an older and much more effective DNA damage-repairing mechanism, millions of years ago.

Most plants and other animals on Earth have a gene that produces a specific DNA damage-correcting enzyme. Our human bodies no longer produce it. And many scientists believe that this enzyme may hold the key to not only curing cancer, but also to looking younger for much, much longer. That enzyme is photolyase and, among other vital and pioneering ingredients, it is what is inside Lamelle’s new Helase.

In this post, we simply want to take everything we’ve learnt, and express it in one simple message for you:

PREVENTION + CURE = Total control over a disease/condition

How do humans gain complete control over a disease?

To fully understand the power of Helase, we need to consider the condition it treats: the DNA damage that causes illness and progresses ageing. If the DNA damage from the sun was a disease, for example, scientists and doctors wishing to gain full control over the disease would have to learn two important things:

  • How to prevent it from spreading – to stem future “infection”
  • How to cure it – to deal with any damage that has already been done

That’s the only way to gain full control over any disease or condition. You need to be able to both prevent and cure it. If you could only prevent, you’d have no way of correcting any current damage. If you could only cure, you would forever be running after each new “infection”, always curing and never getting ahead.

Full Circle Control

How does sun damage and photo-ageing measure up?

Since the invention of sunscreen and the use antioxidants, we’ve made great strides towards stemming photo-ageing, sun damage and skin cancer. But, has it been enough?

If we consider the role, purpose and abilities (limitations) of sunscreen and antioxidants, we find that:

  • Sunscreen only absorbs UV radiation
  • Antioxidants only neutralise free radicals and help prevent photo-immune suppression

These are clearly only preventative measures. So, if we had to consider how sunscreen and antioxidants alone measure up on our “Full Circle Control” wheel, it looks like this:

SPF and antioxidants alone

So, what’s missing?

The cure. The parts that cure sun damage are what are missing. To get full-circle protection, you need a solution that not only prevents future sun damage, but one that can also correct any existing damage.

There’s only one product in South Africa that does that: Helase.

The reason SPF and antioxidants are only around 50% effective is because your body can’t naturally heal certain types of DNA damage, called dimers, but Helase’s photolyase can. And then sunlight itself inhibits your body’s 80GG-1-enzyme production, which is vital for the body’s inherent DNA-damage-correcting NER systems to function.

So, to get 100% protection, you’d need a single product that contains all of these:

  • SPF 50
  • Antioxidants
  • 80GG-1, to replenish your body’s supply
  • Photolyase, an enzyme capable of correcting dimers

Full Circle Photo-ageing

Got a skin, sun, DNA or photo-ageing question, comment or tip? Let’s chat in the comments below. Alternatively you can read some more of our educational content.

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