Newly Updated Luminesce: The Most Technologically Advanced Hyper-Pigmentation Cream You Can Use at Home

The most technologically advanced hyper-pigmentation programme turns 10 this year. And Lamelle keeps pushing the boundaries by updating the night- and daytime moisturising creams in the range.

They now actively influence multiple pathways of pigment formation, including some new ones we’ve never seen before. And, a first in the skincare industry, these Luminesce products can take over select gene-signaling roles in the skin. This means they correct melasma on the DNA level.

The newly updated products are Luminesce Brighter Day and Luminesce Evening Glow. And here’s what you need to know:



Hyperpigmentation is when the skin appears dark, blotchy and uneven in colour. This is due to excess melanin (skin pigment) deposits in the skin. It affects all people of every race, although darker skin types tend to struggle more.


  • Sun-induced hyperpigmentation
    This is when the sun damage causes patches of skin to darken (age spots, liver spots or sun spots).
  • Melasma
    Called chloasma in pregnancy. This is hyperpigmentation that’s triggered by hormonal changes/fluctuations in the body. Such as during pregnancy or when taking birth control pills.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

This is caused by an inflammatory reaction to skin trauma (injury, acne or an infection). Although it occurs in all skin types, African, Asian, Latin and Indian skin are more susceptible.



First launched in 2009, Lamelle’s Luminesce range is a technologically superior solution for hyperpigmentation. Other treatments might focus on hiding pigmentation by whitening or lightening the skin. But Luminesce instead uses special amino acids called peptides to intervene in the natural processes (pathways) of melanin formation. Luminesce inhibits the overactive processes that cause hyper-pigmentation without affecting the base activity of pigment production, this means that it is safe and very effective..

Here’s what’s new in the daytime Luminesce Brighter Day and the night-time moiturisers, Luminesce Evening Glow.




Each pigmentation moisturiser has some unique new ingredients and technologies inside (see them individually below). But they share three remarkable new advances in pigmentation therapy:

  1. An all-new triple-peptide formula
    A new blend of peptides inhibits melanin-producing proteins (called MITF) from binding to the DNA in a cell’s nucleus. This slows down the production of melanin catalyst tyrosinase. It also prevents melanocytes from transferring too much new melanin to skin cells.
  2. A new Active Delivery Complex
    Brand-new: An added ingredient now doubles the absorption rate of each product’s active ingredients. So you get more actives going deep into the epidermis, faster.
  3. A DKK-1 gene agonist

An exceptional innovation: Studies have shown that melasma sufferers have a defect in pigmentation-regulating DKK-1 at the genetic level. For the first time ever, Lamelle Luminesce can support the role of DKK-1 gene signalling. This effectively and safely controls how pigment-producing cells behave at the level of DNA. This technology is a first in the skincare industry.

We’ve packed all three of these remarkable new technologies into both Luminesce Brighter Day and Evening Glow. But each cream also has a few unique new advances you’ll want to take note of:



Luminesce Brighter Day

The new peptide formula provides even more pigment-inhibiting action than ever before. While the DKK-1 gene technology treats melasma in a never-before-seen way. And it’s all delivered in a new Active Delivery formula, penetrating deeper, faster. But there’s also no risk of skin injury.


Added specialist antioxidants both protect cell centres and guard against oxidative damage from sun exposure. And, it’s all delivered in a soothing medium-light moisturiser that penetrates beautifully into the skin. This makes it ideal for using with your broad-spectrum sunscreens like Luminesce Brighter Defence SPF30.



Luminesce Evening Glow


Similarly, Luminesce Evening Glow contains the all-new peptide formula for advanced pigment inhibiting action with no risk of skin injury. As well as the DKK-1 gene technology that treats melasma at the DNA level. And all in an Active delivery base that carries ingredients deeper into the skin.

Luminesce Evening Glow features new plant-derived ingredients that are remarkably tolerable, fast-acting and effective in inhibiting melanin. One of these new naturally-derived ingredients even inhibits stem cells from triggering melanin production. This is another first for the Luminesce product range.

We’ve further enhanced Luminesce Evening Glow with a patented Lamelle retinoid treatment. This increases cell turnover (vital for any pigmentation therapy) without drying out the skin. Luminesce Evening Glow delivers these ingredients in a soothing medium-rich moisturiser that absorbs well, without leaving residue on your skin.



A newly refined peptide complex with unique cell-protecting antioxidants, including one that blocks stem cells from over-stimulating melanocytes. And an industry-first ingredient that inhibits melasma at the DNA level. The newly updated moisturisers in the Luminesce range are truly the most technologically advanced pigmentation moisturisers available. They now actively influence multiple pathways of pigment formation without any risk of injuring or lightening the skin.

You can ask your doctor or therapist today about the newly updated Brighter Day and Evening Glow in the Luminesce range.

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