NEW: This is How To Get the Skin Benefits of Vitamin C for Sensitive Skin

Vitamin C

Scientists have been working for years to develop a safe and effective type of Vitamin C for sensitive skin and intolerant skin, because the skin benefits of Vitamin C are well documented. It offers incredibly powerful antioxidant protection, boosts healthy new collagen growth, hydrates and smoothens the skin while brightening and toning it too.

But, not everyone’s skin tolerates Vitamin C.

See, in its natural state, Vitamin C is water-soluble, meaning it is repelled by the lipids in the skin barrier, so the skin battles to absorb it properly. That means you’d have to take it orally, spreading throughout the entire body (where it boosts health generally). But you’d rather just have the Vitamin C targeted to deliver its skin-boosting benefits straight to a specific part of the skin, right?.That’s when the more acidic forms of this vitamin came in.

One way around the absorption problem was creating a type of Vitamin C that could be applied topically, ascorbic acid. But this was very problematic for sensitive skin.




Ascorbic acid could be absorbed by the skin. And, in fact, ascorbic acid today remains the first-choice Vitamin C treatment for skins that can tolerate it. But ascorbic acid is only do absorbed in an environment with a pH of 4 or below, which is very acidic.

This acidity is a big problem for many people’s skins. That’s why there are so many of us who complain that we cannot use ascorbic acid-rich creams and treatments. The products quite literally burn and irritate some people’s skins, seemingly causing more damage to the skin barrier than doing good.

In the past, the doctor or therapist would have to gradually acclimatise your skin to the ascorbic acid, which could take days or even weeks of expensive professional treatments.

But Lamelle Research Laboratories have developed a new form of Vitamin C for sensitive skin, one that’s specifically designed and proven to safely and with near-comparable-effectiveness deliver high-concentration Vitamin C to even the most intolerant of skins.



Vitamin C

Using a new, advanced form of Vitamin C that’s specifically created to be absorbed under normal skin pH conditions, Lamelle has created Correctives Vita-C Lipid Serum to deliver the skin-health benefits of Vitamin C to even the most sensitive skins.

With Lamelle Corrective Vita-C Lipid Serum, you get the optimum concentration of Vitamin C (it’s calculated that Vitamin C is absorbed optimally at a concentration of 20%) delivered straight to the desired area, topically, safely and effectively. It’s soothing, doesn’t cause irritation and there’s no need to acclimatise the skin beforehand. Correctives Vita-C Lipid Serum works safely from the very first application.

It truly is Vitamin C for sensitive skin.

And it’s enhanced with nourishing Jojoba and Ginger Root extract, making it a soothing, safe and comfortable Vitamin C treatment you can apply at home.



  1. Powerful (yet gently delivered) antioxidant protection
    Scavenges and neutralises free radicals and oxidants, protecting cell membranes and improving the skin’s resistance to UV and sun exposure.
  2. Reduced signs of ageing
    Boosts fibroblast function to promote new collagen growth and inhibit wrinkle formation and photoageing, while supporting the skin barrier by soothing inflammation and promoting better skin healing.
  3. Smoother skin
    Optimises differentiation in keratinocytes and barrier lipids in the outer layer of the epidermis, strengthening the skin barrier and improving skin texture for smoother skin.
  4. Healthy skin hydration
    Enhances the production of barrier lipids to assist in the formation and health of the stratum corneum, increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
  5. Brighter skin, enhanced glow
    Inhibits the formation of melanin to brighten highly pigmented skin while simultaneously stabilising melanin production in skin that’s deficient of melanin. The result is both brightening and enhancing skin tone and glow.


If your skin has always been a little sensitive to ascorbic acid, or if you’ve never tried it and are keen to see what Vitamin C can do for your skin, speak to your doctor or skincare therapist about getting the soothing, safe and effective skin-health benefits of Vitamin C through Correctives Vita-C Lipid Serum today.

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