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Ideal for winter Lamelle Research Laboratories launches a body lotion version of their lauded lipid bilayer-replacing Serra range

If you’ve suffered from dry, irritable, sensitive skin, either seasonally or more regularly as a result of a deep-seated (perhaps genetic) condition, then chances are you’ve found relief for your face with Lamelle’s Serra corrective lipid range before. Most likely, Serra now forms part of your winter skincare regimen (if not all year round). But the good news is that Lamelle has just launched Serra Body Lotion, so you can apply the same advanced barrier-restoring technology to your body, too.



Serra is known for repairing the skin barrier

When Lamelle launched the Serra face care range, it was the first to mimic the structure and function of the skin’s natural lipid bilayer. This all-important skin barrier functions to stop any external impurities and toxins from entering your body and to trap water (which is important for a naturally functioning body) inside your skin. And, when this “barrier” becomes unstable, you’re left with dry, irritable, sensitive skin, which kicks off a whole host of other skin conditions, including redness, flaking, tenderness and even premature ageing.

What happens is that physical portions of the skin barrier – the dual layers of waxy lipids that skin cells are suspended in – become depleted, creating “holes in the barrier”. This allows water to escape and impurities to enter your skin. This sets off a chain-reaction of damage, further damaging and depleting your skin barrier.

Traditional moisturisers are simply not enough, as they can only replace the lost moisture for a short time. Serra is different. Serra is made using Ceramide-P, an original type of ceramide (natural waxy lipid) specially created and patented by Lamelle, to step in by “plugging the holes” in the lipid barrier. Ceramide-P is lab-made to be a 100% replica of your body’s natural ceramide, so it “links in” with the rest of your skin, forming a natural barrier to help your skin restore.

That’s why we always recommend Serra for advanced winter proofing your skin.

New Serra Soothing Body Lotion

Now, Lamelle has introduced Serra Body Lotion, to help you apply the same kind of care to your body. This soothing body product is perfect for dry, sensitive, atopic skin – doctors even use it as part of treatment for atopic dermatitis and eczema.

Made with patented Ceramide-P, Serra Body optimally restores skin barrier function and relieves the symptoms of itchy, dry and uncomfortable skin. And it works fast, too. Your skin quickly absorbs the formula, and it leaves no greasy residues behind. It rapidly relieves any discomfort in your skin, yet it’s also long lasting, providing effective relief in-between the recommended daily applications.

Best of all, Serra Soothing Body Lotion, like the entire Serra range, is suitable for all skin types.

Speak to your doctor or skincare therapist today about applying the same advanced restorative technology you use on your face to your body with all-new Serra Body Lotion.

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