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This is the Eyelash Growth Serum that’s Proven to Boost Lashes by 88% in 8 Weeks

Eyelash Thinning

Do eyelash growth serums really work? Well, we at Lamelle know of one that’s shown remarkable results. In clinical trials on several women, Lash Lash eyelash enhancer resulted in between 23% and 57% thicker eyelashes. And it increased the number of eyelashes between 88% and 103%. All in just 8 weeks.[1]  But what causes eyelashes […]

8 Ultimate age-preventing technologies you should know about

Slow down ageing

Since their launch last year, the new Dermaheal products have set a new standard in skincare. These are the powerhouse ingredients that make it all possible When Lamelle Research Laboratories launched three new additions to their Dermaheal range last year – the advanced new Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream, Renewal Cream and lavish Ultra Renewal Cream […]

For the first time scientists now know the true cause of ageing

Anti Ageing products

It’s taken many years of research, but scientists now have a grasp on the physical processes that make our bodies degenerate with age – molecular inflammation What makes us age? Simply “getting older” or “being around for a longer time” are just not scientific answers, especially since our bodies regenerate (new cells constantly replace old […]

New Dermaheal: How to stop inflammation ageing for good

Growth Factors

These three new products from Lamelle do what was previously impossible – they employ cytokines to control the chronic inflammation that’s ageing us A couple of weeks ago, we told you that scientists discovered what actually causes skin ageing: A silent, chronic type of inflammation that slowly degrades the body over time. Good news: Lamelle […]

8 Surprising things that make hyperpigmentation worse

Hormonal pigmentation blog

Be careful, these common daily habits and products will counteract your best efforts to fend off hyperpigmentation It’s summer and hyperpigmentation is a big issue. We distinguish between three main different types of hyperpigmentation. But note that failing to protect your skin from the sun properly will worsen all of them. That’s why we recommend […]

4 Ingredients that boost your energy and confidence in the bedroom

Woman Want More

Always feeling too tired and uninspired? Try these naturally derived ingredients to boost your drive, energy and confidence when it matters the most Almost never in the mood anymore? No, you’re not ‘getting older’ – your body is merely reacting to the stressors of modern-day life. Today more than ever, we are constantly preoccupied and […]