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Dry, Itchy Skin in Winter: What’s Causing it and How to Repair Your Skin’s Protective Barrier

What’s causing your dry, sensitive and itchy skin in winter? We all know our skins need a little bit of extra TLC in the colder months. Our skins become more sensitised and prone to drying out, flaking and often feeling itchy – sometimes even becoming red, inflamed and, in severe cases, prone to cracking. But […]

5 Signs Of A Damaged Skin Barrier, Why You Need To Fix It And How

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What are the signs of a damaged skin barrier? How do you tell the difference between normal dryness, a little sensitivity and full-blown skin barrier impairment? Well, most of the time, they go hand in hand. But your skin’s quite good at repairing itself, so, more often than not, it fixes barrier impairment on its […]

This is the new Serra Soothing Body Lotion from Lamelle

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Ideal for winter Lamelle Research Laboratories launches a body lotion version of their lauded lipid bilayer-replacing Serra range If you’ve suffered from dry, irritable, sensitive skin, either seasonally or more regularly as a result of a deep-seated (perhaps genetic) condition, then chances are you’ve found relief for your face with Lamelle’s Serra corrective lipid range […]