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This is How Skin Peels Help Fix Your Spots, Ageing, Pigmentation and More

Lamelle Skin Peel

Did you know that professional chemical skin peels can treat a number of skin concerns? Skin peels help fix your spots, prevent and treat the signs of ageing, brighten and balance skin pigment and tone. They even help enhance your sun resistance and boost hydration to alleviate dryness and sensitivity. These are some of the […]

This is how skin peels help fix your hyperpigmentation

hyper-pigmentation peel

THE LONG-TERM TREATMENTS FOR DARK SPOTS, FRECKLES AND MELASMA MAY DIFFER, BUT CHEMICAL SKIN PEELS ARE IDEAL FOR REMOVING EXISTING HYPERPIGMENTATION Hyperpigmentation is extremely common in our sunny South Africa. And it only gets worse in summer. That’s why chemical skin peels are such a popular choice for achieving and maintaining your ideal tone of […]