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This Hyperpigmentation Treatment Inhibits The Steps That Cause Your Pigmentation

Lamelle Skincare Pigmentation

Dark spots, splotches and uneven skin tone. It’s something that’s becoming all too common, year-round, everywhere in the world. Hyperpigmentation treatments can often seem a bit complicated or daunting because they’re so multifaceted: you have several triggers that cause pigmentation, and then there’s the need to treat the underlying cause plus the existing pigmentation that’s […]

This is how Luminesce makes all skin types bright and even


Discolouration, spots and splotches, uneven skin tone – we all experience it in one way or the other. Every skin type and colour is susceptible to uneven tone. Don’t let the popular notion fool you that darker skin is somehow immune, or that “black don’t crack”, as they say. In sunny South Africa, everyone from […]