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Avoid Winter Wrinkles: Here’s How With Advanced Sun Protection

Winter Wrinkles

Why does your skin seem to get worse in winter? Winter wrinkles are a reality as the dry climate and sudden cold cause more wrinkles to appear almost overnight, no matter your age group. And then unchecked sun damage just increases your chances of developing more wrinkles in winter. WHAT CAUSES WINTER WRINKLES The damage […]

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Wear Sun Protection In Winter

Lamelle Skincare Lamelle

Sun protection in winter? There’s reason to believe that keeping up sun protection in the colder months is key to looking years younger. See, most people forego the sun protection when it gets chilly and cloudy – you don’t feel the sun or perceive it as that much of a threat anymore. But this can […]

Revolutionary new tech first to cure sun DNA damage

Helase sunscreen

For the first time ever, we can now both prevent and cure photo-ageing and sun-induced DNA damage. If you’re new to the discussion, we’ve devoted the last few months to considering one of the first truly revolutionary photo-repair products to hit South Africa since the invention of sunscreen, Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Helase. Those who’ve been […]

New from Lamelle: Pioneering Helase 50 is finally here!

Helase sun protection

The wait is over: SA’s first DNA-correcting topical skin cream with the revolutionary photolyase enzyme is now available It’s been well over two years since Lamelle Research Laboratories Medical Director Dr Bradley Wagemaker started work on a first-of-its-kind product that can physically repair skin cells on an atomic level. But the wait is now over, […]