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The 5 Best Anti-Ageing Secrets: According to Science

Anti Ageing Secrets

Everyone is after the best anti-ageing secrets of all time. We consult celebrities and experts. What are their secrets? Natural anti-ageing cure-alls, home remedies and tips like anti-ageing foods and creams. But what does the science say about ageing? Do most generic natural anti-ageing tips at home work for everyone in their 30s, 40s, 50s […]

Advanced Anti-Ageing: MMP Inhibitors For Your Skin

No Wrinkles

Ageing is not very fair or uniform in how it impacts our skins. It affects some people more drastically or earlier in life. And, as we mentioned before, ageing often fights dirty: It may take vital skin processes and turn them against you. And one such innate process is the wound-healing and collagen-controlling abilities of […]

Growth Factors for Skin: What are they, Are they Safe and Which are the Best?

Growth Factors

What are growth factors and what do they do for your skin? Are growth factors safe? How do they help boost collagen and prevent ageing? And which growth factor products are the best for your skin? A decade ago, Lamelle launched SA’s first-ever scientifically proven growth factor product for anti-ageing in the skin, Dermaheal. And […]

7 Things Dermaheal Boosts In Your Skin to Make You Feel Young Again

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Can anything actually turn back the hands of time? No, not really. That kind of “science” still belongs fairly firmly in the realm of fiction and Hollywood movies. But what is possible is to understand the changes that happen in the body over time and the physiological processes that lead to what we see as […]

3 Ways Ageing Fights Dirty (But You Can Still Win)


Life’s a beach and then … your skin starts ageing in surprising new ways. Here’s what you can do to start correcting the causes of ageing today! Ageing skin. We all know that it’s coming, one day. But life’s for the living, right? So we live (as we should) and care for our skins as […]

This is the most advanced Dermaheal growth factor blend yet

Dermaheal Product

SOUTH AFRICA’S ONLY BLEND OF NOBEL PRIZE-WINNING AGE-CORRECTING TECHNOLOGY, HUMAN GROWTH FACTORS, IN LAMELLE’S DERMAHEAL IS NOW MORE ADVANCED THAN EVER It’s no secret that Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Dermaheal range was the first to employ Nobel Prize-winning recombinant human growth factor technology. That’s why, for almost a decade now, so many people consider it the […]