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This is What Happens When You Use Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum Together

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Can you use hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums together? Of course, their individual skin benefits complement each other really well. Should you use vitamin C and hyaluronic acid together? Read on and you’re probably going to want to. Here’s all your info about vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, why it’s OK to use them […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Topical Vitamin C for Skin

Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C

There are decades’ worth of studies and research that prove the advanced benefits of using topical Vitamin C for skin and your face. From advanced anti-ageing and antioxidant protection to smoothening and brightening as well as hydration. Vitamin C – in particular, its pure ascorbic acid form – is perhaps one of the most important […]

What’s The Most Effective Retinoid For Your Skin?

Retinoids in skincare

What’s the most effective retinoid for your skin and face? First, let’s just clarify the difference between retinol and retinoid.   Retinol is the overarching product, basically another name for vitamin A. But when retinol is metabolised by your body, it’s broken down into a few key parts (with names like retinyl, retinoic acid, hydroxy-4, […]

The Highest Concentration Pure Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C For Your Face

Vitamin C skincare

Is it really ascorbic acid in your vitamin C product? It’s an important question because not all vitamin C serums contain the real deal (look closely at the packaging). Lamelle’s new Correctives Vita-C 30 is made with pure ascorbic acid vitamin C at a concentration of 30%.   Here’s what you need to know.   […]

NEW: The First Safe And Effective Retinoic Acid Ester Serum You Don’t Need A Prescription For

Retanoic Acid Serum

Under normal conditions, retinoic acid (a retinoid or product of vitamin A) is a prescription drug. No one would dream of letting you use it without a doctor’s supervision, let alone at a concentration of 3% – the max most doctors would ever dream of using is usually around 0.1%. So, what if we told […]

NEW: This is How To Get the Skin Benefits of Vitamin C for Sensitive Skin

Vitamin C

Scientists have been working for years to develop a safe and effective type of Vitamin C for sensitive skin and intolerant skin, because the skin benefits of Vitamin C are well documented. It offers incredibly powerful antioxidant protection, boosts healthy new collagen growth, hydrates and smoothens the skin while brightening and toning it too. But, […]

Smoother Skin: 7 Things About Cathepzyme Enzyme Exfoliator


What is an enzymatic exfoliator and why is it safer and more effective than using traditional exfoliation methods? To understand why, consider why we exfoliate in the first place: to boost skin cell turnover.   YOUTHFUL SKIN IS ALL ABOUT HEALTHY SKIN CELL TURNOVER Why do we exfoliate? Because that’s how the skin works: through […]