Always feeling too tired and uninspired? Try these naturally derived ingredients to boost your sex drive, energy and confidence when it matters the most

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Almost never in the mood anymore? No, you’re not ‘getting older’ – your body is merely reacting to the stressors of modern-day life. Today more than ever, we are constantly preoccupied and distracted by the needs of work and society. So much so, that it seems there’s almost no time left in the day to focus on yourself, your partner and everything in between.

Our modern diets and lifestyle don’t make things any easier. For all the gyms, fad diets, health foods and information at our disposal, people, in general, are still unhealthier and more unfit than ever. The dangers of pollutants, chemicals and free radicals mean your body is practically under constant attack. And, with your body merely trying to survive the daily barrage of oxidation, stress and toxins, it’s no wonder that you feel mentally and physically drained.

And it eventually starts to affect every aspect of your life. Even in the bedroom.

The Natural Alternative

By now, you will already be aware that Lamelle Research pharmaceutical has launched the exciting new natural satisfaction supplement, Lady Prelox. Made with a blend of lauded natural ingredients, clinically proven to counteract all the negative stressors of modern-day life mentioned above, it improves a woman’s energy, confidence, drive and satisfaction in the bedroom – read more about Lady Prelox here.

But it is worthwhile looking a little deeper at the causes a lack of energy, drive and confidence in women where intimacy is concerned. And then, consider the various nutrients that can help recharge and reinvigorate you.

What’s Draining You

We recently looked at a few strategies to boost your energy levels in general, and also shared some ideas on building your confidence as an individual. But when it comes to your drive, energy and confidence in your relationship, the problem is usually rooted in one often-underestimated cause: oxidative stress.

See, for all the mental links tied to intimacy, the basis for everything from arousal to drive and satisfaction are still physiological. The hormones that govern your energy and confidence in this space are all types of estrogen, manufactured mainly in your ovaries. The problem is that this part of your body is one of the most vulnerable to oxidative stress.

Every part of our bodies is under near-constant attack from free radicals – highly reactive and dangerous forms of oxygen that ravage the body over time. This type of damage is called oxidative stress, and, over time, it causes everything from premature ageing and greying hair to serious illness. But one of the most prevalent short- to medium-term effects oxidative stress has on our bodies today, doctors found, is in your reproductive organs.

Oxidative stress impacts your hormone levels, leaving you feeling tired and with dwindling confidence. It also directly affects your arteries, deteriorating them and suppressing a vital molecular compound called nitric oxide at rates alarming enough to affect your body’s natural function. These two factors are often the reason why you just feel too drained or unable to focus or experience your normal levels of excitement.

And, of course, we wouldn’t be telling you any of this if we didn’t know exactly how to counteract oxidative stress and boost your nitric oxide levels to improve blood circulation. Remember the names of these four powerhouse compounds:

To Combat Oxidative Stress

  1. Pycnogenol

We know this is not the first you’ve heard of Pycnogenol. It’s known as the most powerful oral antioxidant you can take, and is used in varying degrees in a host of your most trusted and beloved Lamelle products, from OvelleD3, Dermaheal, Nourish and Helase, to men’s fertility boosting Prelox.

In the context of women’s confidence, energy and satisfaction, Pycnogenol is here to put a stop to oxidative stress. This lauded French maritime bark extract’s effectiveness is supported by 40 years of research, involving 135 clinical trials and 10 000 participants in studies published in over 340 scientific journals.

And the verdict is that Pycnogenol not only convincingly combats oxidative stress but also assists the other ingredients on this list to support healthy blood vessels and blood flow, as well as improving your mood and decreasing feelings of anxiety.

  1. Rosvita

This branded rose hip extract – originating from extracts of wild rose blossoms – is also known as a potent antioxidant. But it also contains vitamin C, which helps restore normal physiological function and replenish the body’s energy supply.

To Boost Nitric Oxide and Blood Flow

  1. L-Arginine

You might also recognise this amino acid. It’s also a key ingredient in the male-enhancement version of Prelox because it’s vital for stimulating the production of nitric oxide in the body – which is important for both men and women. Nitric oxide boost cell signals, but it’s best known for regulating blood pressure and dilating arteries in the body.

Remember how we said that deteriorated arteries and poor blood flow impact your energy and confidence? Well, nitric oxide is the answer. And L-Arginine is the essential precursor for your body to start producing more nitric oxide.

By introducing L-Arginine, your boosting your nitric oxide levels, resulting in more energy, confidence, drive and satisfaction.

  1. L-Citrulline

This is L-Arginine’s veritable younger sibling. It’s a clever amino acid to use in conjunction with L-Arginine because it’s L-Arginine’s precursor.

The science works like so: the two amino acids are introduced together so that the L-Arginine can start stimulating nitric oxide production, while the body slowly converts the L-Citrulline into fresh, new L-Arginine all the time. The result is longer, more sustained creation of new nitric oxide throughout the day. So you get the optimal blood flow boost, artery health and energy out of it.

Where To Get All Four In One

The good news is that you don’t have to look very far to find a single product containing all four of these vital satisfaction-boosting ingredients. They are all already inside new Lady Prelox.

Available for purchase at every quality pharmacy in South Africa, or online right here, Lamelle’s breakthrough Lady Prelox employs sound science and efficacy to improve energy levels, mood, drive and satisfaction to restore a woman’s vigour and confidence.


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