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This is how Luminesce makes all skin types bright and even


Discolouration, spots and splotches, uneven skin tone – we all experience it in one way or the other. Every skin type and colour is susceptible to uneven tone. Don’t let the popular notion fool you that darker skin is somehow immune, or that “black don’t crack”, as they say. In sunny South Africa, everyone from […]

This is why it’s so important to have a healthy skin barrier

Skin barrier

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is key to having glowing, youthful skin all year round Over the past few weeks, we’ve spoken about the launch of all-new Serra Body Lotion and its remarkable ability to restore and revive a healthy skin barrier – so important for the winter months. But what is the skin barrier, […]

8 Ultimate age-preventing technologies you should know about

Slow down ageing

Since their launch last year, the new Dermaheal products have set a new standard in skincare. These are the powerhouse ingredients that make it all possible When Lamelle Research Laboratories launched three new additions to their Dermaheal range last year – the advanced new Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream, Renewal Cream and lavish Ultra Renewal Cream […]

This is the new Serra Soothing Body Lotion from Lamelle

Dry and sensitive skin blog

Ideal for winter Lamelle Research Laboratories launches a body lotion version of their lauded lipid bilayer-replacing Serra range If you’ve suffered from dry, irritable, sensitive skin, either seasonally or more regularly as a result of a deep-seated (perhaps genetic) condition, then chances are you’ve found relief for your face with Lamelle’s Serra corrective lipid range […]