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It’s no secret that Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Dermaheal range was the first to employ Nobel Prize-winning recombinant human growth factor technology. That’s why, for almost a decade now, so many people consider it the most advanced skin-remodelling product available.

But, did you know that Lamelle recently created an even more advanced concentration of the lauded growth factors when it announced that three highly advanced new products were added to the Dermaheal range?

You may recall that we recently told you that scientists have discovered what they believed to be the true cause of ageing: chronic inflammation, or inflammageing, as popular media terms it. In a nutshell, scientists have proven that the physical processes of ageing and degeneration in our bodies are linked to a chronic type of molecular inflammation. What Lamelle has achieved is to isolate specific enzymes called cytokines in the human body that control this type of inflammation. So doing, they’ve devised a product that, quite frankly, helps you “switch off” chronic inflammation ageing.

This technology is revolutionary but, what we haven’t shown you yet is how truly advanced the new concentration of Dermaheal’s trademark Nobel Prize-winning technology, human growth factors, are in the NEW Dermaheal. Have a look:

Quick recap: what are recombinant growth factors again?

Growth factors are naturally occurring enzymes that your body uses to stimulate new growth, healing and differentiation in cells. They’re basically your body’s tools for keeping each cell in optimum health, keeping you looking and feeling younger.

Babies and children’s bodies are full of growth factors. But the growth factors seem to disappear – you guessed it – as you get older. So, what Lamelle did was use Nobel Prize-winning technology to grow synthetic proteins in a lab that are 100% analogous (similar) to your body’s own growth factors. They do exactly the same job in your body as when you were younger, successfully keeping you looking younger for much, much longer. This recombinant human growth factor technology has kept Dermaheal leading the pack for years.

(It’s important to note that the recombinant human growth factors in Dermaheal are synthetic. There’s no actual human blood or tissue inside it. And there are several very good reasons for this that we’ll discuss a little later on.)

So, what’s new in NEW Dermaheal?

There are two very important advances in the NEW Dermaheal products, which we’ll discuss individually below:

  1. Anti-inflammatory growth factors help cytokines do their job better
  2. The inclusion of “the ultimate” growth factor: TGF-B3

1. Cytokines and growth factors – working together

Cytokines and growth factors are both very similar enzymes. They are both small, cell-signalling proteins that occur naturally in the body. And it should stand to reason that they could influence each other in some way.

Here’s how NEW Dermaheal cytokines measure up

Remember we said earlier that Dermaheal uses synthetic growth factors? Well, fibroblast conditioning media and stem cells are the opposite types of treatments we mentioned, the ones that use actual human blood or tissue.

Despite the fact that some people will find the idea of using real human tissue a little unnerving, there’s also a very practical reason not to use these. You can’t control the types of cytokines and growth factors you’ll get from human tissue. Specifically, you can’t distill only the anti-inflammatory ones.


PRP (Vampire facial)

The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is derived from the patient’s own blood. And, although it is full of cytokines and growth factors, it contains too many inflammation-boosting enzymes. Despite having a good effect on the skin over the short term, PRP is likely to worsen chronic inflammation and inflammageing in the long run.

Fibroblast conditioning media

Stem cells and human conditioning media are actual human progenitor cells that are used to grow thousands more human cells in a petri dish in the lab. These are used in some cosmetics and skincare products. Despite having a lot of anti-inflammatory enzymes inside it, these media tend to also have overwhelmingly too many pro-inflammatory enzymes, which can worsen chronic inflammation ageing.

NEW Dermaheal cytokine profile

Because Dermaheal’s cytokines and recombinant human growth factors are synthesised, identical to your body’s but not containing any actual human tissue, Lamelle is able to precisely control the types of enzymes inside it. The result is the perfect mix of cytokines and growth factors to combat chronic inflammation and inflammageing.

In short, Lamelle’s advanced new formulation of recombinant human growth factors and cytokines gives NEW Dermaheal two unique abilities. 1) It can correct any current imperfection by promoting cellular health in the skin, and 2) it prevents premature ageing by combating chronic inflammation ageing.


2. TGF-B3 – the ultimate growth factor

TGF-B3. You might want to remember this one because it is very unique. Transforming growth beta 3 (TGF-B3) is both a growth factor and cytokine and it is incredibly important in human development. But, it is not present in adult humans, only in babies at the foetal stage.

Did you know that when human foetuses are in the womb, their skin heals without any scarring? Baby skin doesn’t form injury scars because the skin heals differently (and much more effectively) thanks to the anti-inflammatory TGF-B3. You may even recall how early childhood wounds tend to heal much better and faster than even small wounds as an adult – that’s because of the residual TGF-B3.

Sadly, we all lose that incredible growth hormone as we age, which is why Lamelle has included it in the NEW Dermaheal.

Speak to your doctor or skincare therapist today about trying Lamelle’s NEW Dermaheal. Dermaheal is ideally formulated for you to use it along with Lamelle’s revolutionary photo-repair cream, Helase 50.

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