8 Ultimate age-preventing technologies you should know about

Slow down ageing

Since their launch last year, the new Dermaheal products have set a new standard in skincare. These are the powerhouse ingredients that make it all possible

When Lamelle Research Laboratories launched three new additions to their Dermaheal range last year – the advanced new Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream, Renewal Cream and lavish Ultra Renewal Cream – we put most of the emphasis on the exciting new cytokine technology that fights chronic inflammation ageing (inflammaging). That’s because science had just discovered that chronic inflammation is what causes ageing in the skin and these Dermaheal products were (and still are!) the first products to use cytokines to “flip the switch” on ageing at a cellular level.

We also noted that these three products feature the most advanced blend of growth factors ever. But that, again, is still only a part of the story. Here is the list of some of the more advanced technologies inside the new Dermaheal products that set them apart from every other age-preventative cream available:

01. Next-level Recombinant Human Growth Factors

Inside all three new Dermaheal products – highest concentrations in Ultra Renewal Cream

Lamelle’s Dermaheal has always used the Nobel Prize-winning liposomal-encapsulated Recombinant Human Growth Factor technology. This basically means that the growth factors are 100% identical to the types of growth factors naturally found inside your body (your body recognises them as being “human” growth factors). But, they are not grown from human tissue. They are lab-grown synthetic replicas, for obvious health and safety reasons.

And this new blend is no different. The growth factors are the signallers that tell cells to regrow, divide, or shed – normalising cell life cycles to revive youthful skin. But, this new blend features a cherry-picked selection of growth factors that are anti-inflammatory and inflammation neutral. This means they tell your skin to “regrow”, but they also help the cytokines (see point 3 below) to fight chronic inflammation in cells at the same time.

02. The ultimate growth factor – TGF-B3

Inside all three new Dermaheal products – highest concentrations in Ultra Renewal Cream

You’ll want to remember the name TGF-B3. It is probably the most potent human growth factor in existence. And it’s incredibly rare/scarce because your body only expresses it once in your lifetime – when you’re a baby in the womb.

If you’ve ever marvelled at how a human foetus grows from just a set of basic cells into a near fully-formed baby in just a few months, you’ll appreciate that how advanced the growth factors are that go to work while a baby’s in gestation. TGF-B3 is one of these. And it’s so powerful that it gives baby the ability to heal without any scarring.

Ever notice how quickly and blemish-free a young child’s skin heals? That’s because of the residual TGF-B3 that’s still present after birth. It disappears completely after a while, your super skin healing abilities are lost forever. Until now. With new Dermaheal, you can recapture that kind of skin-healing power as an adult.

03. Cytokines

Inside all three new Dermaheal products – highest concentrations in Ultra Renewal Cream

We’ve discussed this in-depth before. But to recap quickly: Scientists found that chronic inflammation in cells is the true cause of skin ageing. And, at the same time, we realised that a certain set of cytokines (IL-10 and IL-4) control inflammation in the body – they physically signal cells to stop the inflammation process.

By using much the same processes as when creating growth factors (i.e. growing them in a lab) Lamelle creates 100%-identical copies of your body’s cytokines and includes them in new Dermaheal. So, in a nutshell, new Dermaheal instructs your body to “switch off” the inflammation that causes ageing.

04. Patented Ceramide-P

Found in Dermaheal Renewal Cream and Ultra Renewal Cream

Ceramides are waxy lipid molecules that form part of a cell’s membrane (cell “walls”) and are not only a vital part of the skin’s lipid bilayer that promotes healthy skin barrier function but also plays a role in managing skin cells’ life cycles. Ceramide-P is a special proprietary kind of ceramide, patented by Lamelle Research Laboratories, and it is an exact replica of the lipids that make up your skin barrier. Applying it restores your skin barrier, for optimum healing and function in your skin.

05. Astaxanthin

Found in Dermaheal Renewal Cream

This is an extremely powerful lipid-soluble antioxidant (lipid soluble means it will dissolve and be absorbed quickly by your skin). It’s used to neutralise harmful free radicals in the skin, but it also protects against sun damage and boosts your immune system. (It’s used to prevent many diseases, including cancer, too.)

06. Oat Beta Glucan

Found in Dermaheal Renewal Cream

This natural anti-irritant made from Swedish oats is a soothing remedy that’s normally used to supercharge the immune system when the body’s been weakened. It’s commonly used in the treatment of skin conditions, from wounds to radiation burns, and is included in Dermaheal to provide a remarkable soothing boost to your skin health.

07. A patented retinoic acid ester

Found in Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream

Knownfor being one of the most powerful retinoids, while conversely also being the gentlest on the skin, it’s used in Dermaheal to advance skin cell turnover (exfoliate) without being harsh on your skin. In fact, it’s actually quite soothing for an exfoliator.

08. HAFi fragments

Found in Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream

We all know hyaluronic acid is a very important skin-hydrating ingredient in most skincare programmes (because the molecule can attract and bind to water that’s a thousand times its molecular weight). But, did you know that the various layers of skin can only absorb hyaluronic acid in specific sizes of molecules? Most normal skin products contain hyaluronic acid that can only be absorbed by superficial layers of the skin.

HAFi fragments, on the other hand, are hyaluronic acid molecules that have been processed by a sonifier (a high-power ultrasonic machine) to divide them into a series of molecules that are the exact size to be absorbed by all parts of the skin. It’s basically the most advanced form of hyaluronic acid you can take – similar to that found in Lamelle’s advanced Hydrating HA Serum Plus.

These are just some of the superstar ingredients that make Dermaheal one of the most advanced products you can use to prevent ageing. And they should be more than enough reason for you to start a conversation with your doctor or skincare therapist about switching up to new Dermaheal today.

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