7 Things Dermaheal Boosts In Your Skin to Make You Feel Young Again

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Can anything actually turn back the hands of time? No, not really. That kind of “science” still belongs fairly firmly in the realm of fiction and Hollywood movies. But what is possible is to understand the changes that happen in the body over time and the physiological processes that lead to what we see as signs of ageing. From here, you can create specific strategies to defy the effects of time, like the finely tuned active ingredients in Dermaheal that boost certain compounds and functions of the skin back to levels of youth.

Remember our post on the ultimate age-correcting technologies? These aren’t just fancy sounding active ingredients, they’re specifically selected or created in a lab because they reactivate “sleeping” cells and stimulate processes inside the body that normally starts waning as you get older. In a nutshell, Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Dermaheal works by taking what youthful skin does well (heal, regulate and regenerate itself) and giving those abilities to ageing skin.

It’s quite literally empowering your skin to defy the effects of time. And these are some of the exciting ways in which Dermaheal does it.

  1. Reintroducing proteins your body hasn’t seen since birth

    How do you reinvigorate ageing skin? You give it the abilities of a newborn baby, of course. All the moisturising cream products in the Lamelle Dermaheal range (highest concentrations in Ultra Renewal Cream) contain a special growth factor called TGF-Beta3 (TGF-B3). This is an incredibly powerful cell-growth stimulator. It’s one of the vital cell differentiation and growth mechanisms the body uses to “make” and develop foetuses in the womb.

    The catch is that it’s expressed in the womb, so the second you’re born it reduces rapidly. Which is really a big shame, because TGF-B3 has the remarkable ability to help skin regenerate and heal without getting inflamed or leaving any scars. Can you imagine if your skin was damaged and it didn’t get red or swollen, it just healed and afterwards there was no scar tissue left behind? It’s basically a skin superpower.

    Dermaheal reintroduces TGF-B3 to your body to fast-track skin healing and cell functions, boosting skin back to its youthful state of balance.


  1. Re-establishing communication between your cells (like in youth)

    What’s more, TGF-B3 is not alone. Dermaheal is packed full of a whole cocktail of special growth factors, which are vital cell-signalling proteins. Growth factors are what enable skin cells to “talk” to each other. And that’s a vital quality for healthy skin because cells keep your body functioning by keeping each other in check.

    When you are young, your body produces a whole lot of growth factors, and these help cells communicate. Cells check their activity against other cells around it (to make sure it’s still functioning correctly), but they also monitor their neighbours. If cells notice another cell doing something it’s not supposed to, it’s neighbours will correct it or even “eliminate” it, if need be. It’s a process that promotes a healthy balance in the skin.

But, with age, the body produces fewer and fewer growth factors. Cells lose the ability to properly communicate, and that’s when a few “malfunctioning” cells can trigger a cascade of damage and degeneration that shows up as ageing in your skin.

Dermaheal reverses this ageing trend by reintroducing an advanced blend of growth factors to re-establish communication between your cells. And, once that happens, things get interesting. Your cells suddenly start coming alive like in youth: they talk, check each other and start functioning as a buzzing, thriving community again – the way your skin was meant to.

  1. Reactivating your skin’s collagen production

    Another very important function of Dermaheal is to use specific growth factors that stimulate fibroblasts in the bottom layer of your skin. These are the “factories” that produce the stuff your skin is made of, collagen. In youth, the skin produces a lot of collagen, elastin, nerve and vascular (blood flow) systems, but this often almost grinds to halt in ageing skin.

    Dermaheal triggers fibroblast, boosting their activity like when you were young for firmer, smoother, thicker and more youthful skin.

  2. Re-energising skin cells all the way to the end of their life cycles

    The stimulating effect that the growth factors in Dermaheal has on cells is vital for when cells start nearing the end of their life cycles. Keratinocytes, the “oldest” cells that sit at the top layer of skin (ready to be shed soon) have one last very big and very important function to fulfil before they disappear: they are your body’s first line of defence against the world. They make up your skin barrier.

With age, the skin loses its youthful ability to maintain a strong skin barrier, leading to the dry and sensitive skin we associate with getting older.

But by stimulating cells throughout their entire lifecycles, Dermaheal helps those older keratinocytes produce more hyaluronic acid (a powerful hydrator) and high-quality lipids that strengthen cells’ lipid bilayer to promote a strong skin barrier and boost your skin’s immunity and function.

  1. Rebalancing the years-long, damaging chronic inflammation

    Remember when we said that scientists now think that a big driver of ageing is a chronic inflammation in the skin? Recent studies have shown that this almost imperceptible form of inflammation – not present in youth, but building up in between cells over time – degrades skin cells, leading to what we know as the signs of ageing.

The good news is that Lamelle’s research into inflammation has delivered a big win: we’ve found a mechanism for deactivating chronic inflammation in cells. Special growth-factor-related compounds called cytokines are the signallers that turn inflammation either on or off in the body. And Dermaheal is specifically blended with growth factors and cytokines that neutralises chronic inflammation.

  1. Returning skin cell turnover to normal (youthful) levels

    One of the most notable characteristics of young skin is that it maintains proper cell lifecycles. Cells are made to perform their functions throughout the cycle and then shed at the right time to make space for new cells. It’s a vital part of skin health.

    But as skin ages, cells turnover slows down. Cells that don’t shed in time slow down your skin’s new cell production. This is why we start using exfoliators when we get older, to try to “kick-start” the skin’s normal turnover rates.

    Dermaheal, however, stimulates the cell metabolism, boosting their life cycles back to normal, youthful levels. Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream even contains a retinoic acid ester to boost this skin-rebalancing effect further.

  2. Restoring your skin’s ability to hydrate itself

    Along with boosting cells’ normal functions, the growth factors in Dermaheal also helps cells produce their normal levels of hyaluronic acid, to keep the skin soft, hydrated and smooth as it was in youth.

    Ultra Renewal Cream takes this one step further by also introducing advanced HAFi fragments, a special way of packaging hyaluronic acid (HA) that boosts hydration through all layers of your skin and stimulates your body’s own HA production.


So, you can’t reverse time or age. But, employing solid strategies with proven results, like Lamelle Dermaheal, you can give back your body and skin some of the most important abilities it had in youth.

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Ask your skincare therapist or doctor about the age-correcting abilities of Dermaheal or read more about it on our website.

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