3 Ways Ageing Fights Dirty (But You Can Still Win)


Life’s a beach and then … your skin starts ageing in surprising new ways. Here’s what you can do to start correcting the causes of ageing today!

Ageing skin. We all know that it’s coming, one day. But life’s for the living, right? So we live (as we should) and care for our skins as well as we can along the way. Inevitably, though, your skin will start to show its age. Sagging, thin, dry and wrinkled skin that’s lost its elasticity and has a poor complexion. And finding a way to correct these signs of ageing will become a priority for everyone at one time or another.

How did we get here? We associate ageing with the effects of compound sun damage (turns out ageing is a real “beach” after all) and a loss of hydration, collagen, elasticity and vigour. But these are just the symptoms, there’s a little more to the story of ageing.

Why skin ages

We can sum up ageing in the skin as the result of a years-long battle between your skin and the outside world. At its peak, your body is an amazing self-healing and regenerating “machine”. But the years of “attacks” by damagers in the environment, such as UV light, toxins, chemicals and free radicals, combined with the fact that your body naturally changes with time and eventually slows down some of its physiological processes.

What that looks like on a cellular level is that individual skin cells become damaged over time. This damage causes small (at first) changes in the way a cell behaves. Maybe the cell starts secreting a bit too much of a certain enzyme. And another cell starts losing the ability to communicate properly with the other cells around it. It’s small, at first.

But then those “damaged” cells start passing on their less-than-optimal characteristics to new cells. (Your skin cells only live for about two or three weeks before they’re replaced by fresh new cells that are carbon copies of themselves – damage and all. So, your skin basically passes on the damage it receives every three or so weeks to the next generation of cells.) And that’s when we start seeing a slow and gradual degeneration of the skin over time.

We can actually break the processes that drive ageing down into distinct root causes of ageing.


The 3 root causes of ageing

  • Cells stagnate, become dormant

    As we age, our bodies express different genes, which changes how our cells behave (because your body needs to prioritise different functions in the various stages of life – growth in childhood, fertility in youth etc.).
    Your body can’t stay in the “overdrive mode” of youth forever because it’ll burn out (not to mention you’ll struggle with acne well into your sixties). So change is necessary.

But change, combined with years of compound damage to cells, often causes cells to stagnate – cells stop doing the multitudes of tasks that keep us healthy because they stop properly communicating with the other cells around them. These cells can become almost inactive, unresponsive to the body’s internal messages like “make more collagen” or “shed old cells” at the right time.

They essentially go rogue and become “cut off” from the rest of your body. Eventually, the cell might even become dormant.

  • Chronic inflammation deteriorates skin cells

    Acute chronic inflammation is a little-known inflammatory response in and around cells that – unlike normal inflammation, which is a vital part of wound healing – doesn’t go away immediately. It can stick around for years.

    Scientists have found that chronic inflammation changes how cells behave, making them malfunction and pass those bad properties on to new skin cells. The result is the slow degeneration of skin. Many scientists believe that chronic inflammation may be the single most devastating factor of ageing.

  • Damaging enzymes increasingly ravage skin cells and structures

    As if the skin wasn’t harmed enough by the ravages of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (which are highly charged oxygen molecules that literally go around destabilising healthy cells by poaching electrons from them) your skin also comes under attack from enzymes produced by your own body.

    Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) normally do good work in the body. They are the enzymes that help remove old and damaged tissue. But, unfortunately, with age, damage and sun exposure, the body starts producing too much MMP. And when there’s too much of it, MMPs begin to break down healthy collagen and elastin in the skin.

    This is what results in most of the physical damage that we see – think, dry, saggy skin that’s lost its elasticity.

So, as you age, your cells stagnate, become so chronically inflamed that they start passing damaging characteristics on to new cells and MMPs eat away at the very structures of your skin.

But all’s not lost. If we know the root causes, we can do something about it.

Dermaheal specifically treats all 3 root causes of ageing

Dermaheal by Lamelle Research Laboratories targets these root causes of ageing to end the cycle of damage and degeneration, restoring youthful balance and function to each skin cell. Here’s how Dermaheal:

  1. Reactivates skin cells

    Using a proprietary blend of recombinant human growth factors (a Nobel Prize-winning technology), Dermaheal restores cells to normal activity. Growth factors are the body’s messaging systems that allow cells to communicate with each other. By creating (in a laboratory) exact replicas of the body’s own growth factors, Lamelle uses Dermaheal to restore normal healthy communication between skin cells. The result is truly remarkable.

    With normal communication restored, something incredible happens in the body. The body and its remaining healthy cells start sending urgent messages to your “inactive” cells and, now that they can actually “hear” the messages, those cells are kick-started back into the normal healthy activity.

Suddenly, your cells begin to clean up cellular waste again. They start releasing the right enzymes to promote healthy function. They start “talking” and working together again to produce new collagen, manage damage better, control their own activities and life cycles better. In short, your skin cells start functioning as a happy, thriving unit again – Dermaheal restores youthful vigour from inside each and every cell of your skin.

  1. Deactivates chronic inflammation

    Possibly the most devious cause of ageing, chronic inflammation is a silent killer, lurking in between cells and causing them to malfunction and pass those “bad habits” on to new cells. But Lamelle knows that the body has a specific mechanism that controls inflammation in the body (a mechanism that, sadly, has also deteriorated with age). That mechanism is a small protein called a cytokine.

Cytokines are signalling mechanisms that tell cells to switch inflammation either on or off. Lamelle has isolated the “switch off” cytokines and introduced them into the Dermaheal formulation. So, not only does Dermaheal improve cell activity and communication, but it also tells cells to deactivate the damaging chronic inflammation in their vicinity. And, once again, your own cells start doing the good work of reversing ageing from the inside.

What’s more, Lamelle has specifically formulated Dermaheal’s handpicked cytokines with proprietary growth factors that are specifically selected to have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. This means that the entire makeup of every Dermaheal product is created to neutralise chronic inflammation and restore your skin’s youthful function.

  1. Rebalances MMPs and enzymes in the body

With the body overproducing MMPs due to compound damage and especially sun exposure, these normally good enzymes start ravaging healthy collagen and elastin, which leads to the thinning and sagging of skin that we associate with old age. To counteract this, Lamelle balances Dermaheal’s invigorating growth factor and cytokine complex with powerful MMP inhibitors, forcing the body to normalise its MMP production.

The potent antioxidants (which simultaneously deactivates free radicals and reactive oxygen species in the body) Pycnogenol® and Astaxanthin are used in Dermaheal because they reduce the number MMPs the body produces to normal levels. As does the flavonoid Nobiletin and extracts of purslane.

This powerful MMP-balancing effect, combined with its chronic inflammation reducing and cell activity-boosting abilities, makes Lamelle Dermaheal potentially the most powerful and comprehensive ageing treatment available today.

Lamelle Dermaheal allows you to employ your most powerful weapon to fight the signs of ageing: your own skin cells. By empowering every individual cell in your body to perform at its peak, Dermaheal delivers advanced anti-ageing benefits beyond anything else available today.

Ask your doctor or skincare therapist about Dermaheal today.


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