3 Steps to a perfectly zit-free start to the new year

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Breakouts. Who needs them? They’re like death and taxes. Just worse, because you have to wear them on your face, all the time.

If you’ve checked out our post on the 10 Sure-fire everyday ways to prevent acne and still battle with acne. Or if you’re just prone to struggling with combination skin and oily skin problems, then it’s time to look a little deeper.

What’s really causing your breakouts? Deep down inside your skin, something must be going on. Well, yes, of course, there is and scientists know what’s probably causing your acne. Let’s look at seven strategies for starting this year completely zit free.

1. Stop your hormones from making skin oily

Yes, your hormones play a big part in causing your pimples and breakouts. That’s why over 85% people struggle with them around the time puberty starts. But how? What’s the link between hormones and pimples?

The answer is in a complex mix of lipids known as sebum. Your body produces sebum through sebaceous glands close to your hair follicles. Sebum helps your body retain moisture. It also protects you from infection and supports your immune system.

The problem is that your sebaceous glands are controlled by sex hormones called androgens. Androgens are various forms of testosterone. (In women they’re produced by the ovaries in women, and in men, it’s the testes producing androgens.) And these hormones stimulate your skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. But often it produces too much, leading to blocked pores and breakouts.


Since the hormonal action is all happening inside your body, using an oral therapy should work best to counteract it. And we know that two very important ingredients, Nicotinamide and Zinc Picolinate, suppress sebum by blocking your androgenic hormones.

Nicotinamide is an activated form of Vitamin B3. And it’s a great anti-inflammatory that reduces sebum in your skin and helps improve skin barrier function – all great for fighting acne.

Zinc Picolinate is a very well known antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. But scientists now say it also reduces sebum production in the skin. Taken together, these two ingredients could be your ultimate weapon against acne.

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Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Acnevelle oral supplement contains both Nicotinamide and Zinc Picolinate to soothe and restore skin. While also suppressing your body’s androgen hormones and sebum production.

Clarity Active Control by Lamelle also contains Nicotinamide. But it also boasts a combination of advanced epidermal growth factors. This makes for advanced healing that’s so fast and effective, you can apply it directly to problem acne.

2. Optimise your exfoliation

Old and dead skin cells called keratinocytes (a type of skin cell that makes up 90% of the top layer of your skin) mix with excessive sebum and tend to block up the pores and follicles in your skin. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria, and pimples are sure to start forming soon.

Returning your skin cell turnover to normal (shedding old, unwanted skin cells normally) will not only promote overall better skin but will also prevent breakouts.


Normal, cleansing and exfoliation are the bare minimum you can do. And it will have some positive effects. But for the best results, you need an exfoliation plan that’s created specifically for the treatment of acne.

Lamelle’s patented RA technology is an industry standard-setting retinoic acid, a form of vitamin A. And it is a powerful exfoliator, but RA won’t irritate your skin like pure Vitamin A would. RA works directly on keratinocytes, boosting the skin’s ability to shed dead cells and helping it normalise its cell turnover rate to stop pimples before they form.

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For a superior cleanser, reach for Lamelle’s Clarity Active Cleanse, a powerful yet gentle foaming cleanser. And it contains tea tree oil to fight inflammation, as well as salicylic acid, an exfoliator so powerful it’s used in gentle skin peels.

Lamelle’s Clarity Corrective PM Plus is an exfoliation-boosting evening moisturiser. Patented RA tech normalises keratinocyte turnover, while powerful anti-inflammatories protect skin and fibroblast growth factors speed up healing.

3. Stop bacteria and inflammation in their tracks

In points one and two, we looked at deeper, underlying causes. But now, let’s focus on what’s physically causing the pimple itself: bacteria.

When there are too much sebum and dead skin cells in the skin, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria. This causes an infection, which becomes red, swollen and inflamed. Your body responds by sending white blood cells to defend the area of skin, and this is what causes the yellow puss inside a pimple.

By reducing sebum and getting rid of all the dead skin cells (as in point one and two above), you’re already preventing acne. But, let’s take it a step further and find a way to kill the bacteria with before it can even take hold.

You need an antibacterial to destroy bacteria. And then follow it up with an anti-inflammatory to stop the area from becoming swollen and red. That’s how you effectively clear your skin from pimples.


Azelaic acid is a natural material produced by your skin. Acne-ridden skin is often deficient in this extremely powerful natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. As is Melaleuca Alteniforia or tea tree leaf oil and also collagen-boosting Copper Tripeptide. A solution containing all of these will offer an incredible amount of preventative, restorative and healing properties where acne is concerned.

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Clarity Corrective AM is a powerful anti-acne morning moisturiser. It contains azelaic acid, Melaleuca Alteniforia and Copper Tripeptide, providing remarkable antibacterial protection and inflammation soothing and healing. As an added bonus, it also contains advanced epidermal growth factors, for superior and effective skin healing.

 Taken together, Lamelle’s entire Clarity and Acnevelle range give you up to 88% improvement in the problematic skin within just four to eight weeks of use.

Ask your skin therapist or doctor about Lamelle’s Clarity and Acnevelle for the complete 3-step solution to the perfect, zit-free start to your year.

And don’t forget that it’s still summer. Please remember to keep adequately protecting your skin from the sun and keeping your body fit and well-hydrated with cool, refreshing cucumber water.

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